Vishal Gupta

Vishal Gupta


Mr. Gupta is well known for his unique vision and steadfastness that helped fulfil his goal of providing clean drinking water to millions of Indians through the Alkaline RO Technology. Owing to his strong technical background with education in Computer Science and his expertise in the water purification industry, he gave life to the Blue Mount products that have climbed the ladder of success since its inception. Employing advanced state-of-the-art technology, his products use Alkaline RO process to separate purified water from the impure water.


Mr. Gupta started his journey in 2003 with Elixir Trading Pvt. Ltd. which dealt with water purifier components. For more than a decade he educated himself and others about the benefits of pure drinking water. In 2015, having understood the nuances of RO purifying technology, he launched India’s first Alkaline RO water purifier with LED display and marveled in the industry with his decision making ability and leadership skills.

With 12 years of experience in water purifying industry, Mr. Gupta has introduced products that help deliver safe and pure drinking water devoid of any excessive salts, microbial, and chemical contamination. Blue Mount has pioneered the water purifying industry, being a one-stop solution for 100% pure and healthy drinking water. It provides protection against waterborne diseases along with adhering to the guidelines by the UN General Assembly’s Human rights to safe drinking water.

Under his able leadership, Blue Mount has established itself as a leading manufacturer of home and commercial water purifier and promises to deliver nothing less than 100% pure water because he believes that every drop counts.