Viswa & Devji Diamonds

Viswa & Devji Diamonds

Enhancing Your Aura with the Heartistic Works of Art

Born out of a commitment to develop unique jewellery masterpieces, the brand VISWA & DEVJI DIAMONDS is a culmination of meeting the unstated desires of looking elegant, matched perfectly with exquisite craftsmanship of artistically designs diamond jewellery

Formed as a joint venture between two companies in Coimbatore and Gulf, Viswa & Devji Diamonds as a group is remarkably known for procuring high-quality diamonds, designing and creating jewellery as well as marketing them with a strong retail presence with over 20 outlets in Bahrain, UAE and Oman. An in-depth understanding of making the finest ornaments has made the company an efficiently integrated diamond cutting and jewellery manufacturer with strong international footprints.

A rich legacy spanning more than 5 decades has enabled the company to perfectly streamline their processes and craftsmanship. By perfecting the process of procuring flawless diamonds from around the world and cutting them to unmatched perfection, Viswa & Devji Diamonds create the finest jewellery in-house right from its conceptualisation, designing, cutting, polishing and crafting. They have pioneered, refined and perfected ‘The Royal Cut’, signifying exceptional lustre and an uncommon brilliance that wins the hearts of many.


Focused on creating the most stunning jewellery beyond the mind’s eye, the company specializes in producing novel & distinctive jewellery. Craftsmanship, ease, & elegance underline the luxury of owning the ornaments made using the finest raw materials and art. With a sheer commitment, Viswa & Devji Diamonds believes in creating true art that is eternal and elegant. With its unique designs and the art of jewelry-making, every piece created echoes the unparalleled character of originality that makes the persona more glistening. Finest art and intricate designs remain the driving force for creating sophisticated and trendy lifestyle jewels. Catering to felt and unfelt needs of customers
the world over, the company strongly believes in maintaining quality standards for retaining
a noteworthy position for a long time.

A ‘Cut’ Above the Rest

Quality, craftsmanship, and attention to every minute detail remain the keystone of all its ornaments. To maintain the highest standard and quality, it has put in place extensive quality checks and procures material from recognized, reliable & certified suppliers, to
create every single piece that stands testament to the quality and artistry. All the jewellery
designs bear the mark of distinctiveness and are made indigenously incorporating new metal treatments and skilfully cut gemstones that carry not only the highest cut grade (ideal cut) but also the highest grades for luster and symmetry.

The Secret is Heartistic Luxury

The designers at Viswa & Devji Diamonds are always aspiring to design something unique and novel. By combining the latest design technology and unmatched craftsmanship, the custom design process enables the customer to be fully and deeply involved with every stage of creation that matches the customer’s choice and budget. Owing to its fabulous designs, the brand has won awards like India’s Most Preferred Diamond Jeweller, National Jewellery award, Jewellery Guild Award and many more. It is rapidly expanding operations and building its customer base.