VSN Raju

VSN Raju

Hailing from a humble background of agriculturists, Mr. VSN Raju draws profound inspiration from the indomitable spirit of farmers. Witnessing their relentless dedication, optimism, and commitment to providing the best for their families and communities has profoundly shaped his values and approach to life and work. Drawing from these intrinsic values, he strives for excellence, maintains resilience during challenging times, and prioritises quality in all endeavours.

Leveraging his profound industry knowledge and academic background, Mr. Raju has successfully undertaken numerous large-scale turnkey projects aimed at enhancing teaching, learning, and examination processes within major educational institutions. These initiatives have been instrumental in empowering these institutions to adopt transparent governance practices for benefitting key stakeholders, including teachers, students, and parents.

Under his sterling leadership, COEMPT’s unparalleled solutions have made a substantial impact, reaching over 2,500 education institutions, including prestigious government universities and educational departments. Through its innovative offerings, the company has positively influenced the lives of over 5 million students.


As an accomplished Engineer, Mr. Raju has accumulated extensive experience collaborating with leading industries, esteemed academicians, and renowned universities. As a frontrunner in his profession, he has spearheaded the creation of outcome-driven teaching, examination and assessment solutions. With his expertise, he has successfully conceptualised, designed, and implemented technical courseware and technology-enabled examination solutions.

Furthermore, as the driving force behind the ‘Nation First Program,’ the leader has empowered many engineering students to assess their academic and non-academic skills, discover their career potential, and facilitated job placements for specially abled individuals through the ‘Employment Generation Program.’

A trailblazer in his field, Mr. Raju has received accolades and embraced diverse roles along his professional journey. Presently serving as the visionary Director and CEO of Coempt EduTeck Pvt. Ltd., he relentlessly propels the company’s triumphs and pioneers groundbreaking endeavours in the realm of education technology related to examinations. The goal-driven leader envisions fostering innovation through the infusion of Artificial Intelligence in COEMPT’s ingenious products and solutions. Coupled with the company’s zeal for scalability via the SAAS model, the move will empower it to transcend boundaries and become a pioneer in the domain of examination services.

With a strong portfolio of more than 10 large clients, COEMPT efficiently processes over 15 million answer-books annually through its technology-enabled examination solutions. With a remarkable track record of 23 years, it has amassed extensive experience and expertise. Its operations and projects are skillfully managed by a team of highly competent techno-commercial professionals, collectively boasting an impressive cumulative experience of over 500 man years.


During the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Raju displayed remarkable adaptability and responded promptly to the market’s changing needs. Presently, he is leading the organisation to direct its efforts towards the facilitation of its state-of-the-art end-to-end examination platforms, OneX and Onmark that offer a comprehensive suite of modules for every aspect of seamless examination procedures.

The visionary believes in the power of technology interventions as game changers in modern, outcome-based education, and upholding transparency, ethics, and honesty in all his interactions. His resolute commitment to innovation, creativity, risk-taking, and bold thinking has played a vital role in taking his company to new heights.


Mr. Raju recognises sustainability as a defining element in the process of evolution, particularly in light of mounting concerns surrounding climate change and environmental degradation. He emphasises the importance of integrating sustainability into daily life practices and making conscious efforts to preserve the environment, ensuring responsible resource management for the betterment of future generations. According to him, sustainability starts at the individual and community level, manifesting in diverse forms such as reducing the use of single-use items, embracing eco-friendly transportation options, sourcing locally produced food, and practising sensible waste management. Similarly, in the workplace, sustainability can be promoted through energy-efficient practices, reducing paper consumption, and implementing recycling programs.

He and his team are dedicated to embracing sustainable supply chain practices, forging partnerships with suppliers who share a commitment to sustainability goals. Regular workshops are also conducted to raise employee awareness regarding relevant laws and regulations. The ecologically conscious leader strives to create a culture where sustainability is ingrained in every aspect of work, ensuring a brighter future for all.

A compassionate leader, Mr. Raju has taken on the responsibility of sponsoring a government school. He has also facilitated the provision of necessary educational resources, including contemporary digital learning materials and computer systems. Moreover, he has prioritised the professional development of the teachers by training them in modern pedagogical techniques.