Nikhil Aggarwal

Nikhil Aggarwal


Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, Nikhil is adeptly utilising his proficiencies and erudition to facilitate the accomplishment of Campus’ goals. In 2007, he availed himself of the opportunity to participate in the Summer School Programme at the esteemed London School of Economics. Furthermore, he demonstrated his competence by satisfactorily completing the TPG-INSEAD C-Suite Workshop Programme and the Leading The Effective Sales Force INSEAD Executive Education Programme held at the prestigious INSEAD campus in Singapore. His accomplishment attests to his exceptional acumen and shows his commitment to professional development.

Under Nikhil’s astute guidance, the brand has exhibited exponential growth that outpaced the market and surpassed all competitors, with an impressive 2X to 3X advantage over its closest rival. Over the past decade, it has maintained a formidable trajectory, boasting an outstanding 27% growth rate and a remarkable record of success.

Even in the face of daunting challenges posed by the macro environment, the brand has achieved a dazzling performance in FY 22. Its Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) approach has been soaring high on a robust growth trajectory, showcasing a staggering year-on-year growth of over 150% in FY 22. Also, the company’s distribution channels, product categories, and financial metrics have all displayed resounding growth, with a staggering volume of 19.27 million pairs and exceptional value – a testament to his visionary leadership and business acumen.


Nikhil’s resolute dedication has fortified the company’s ability to connect with its target audience through various channels, including D2C sales and e-commerce platforms. His keen focus on delivering exceptional value to customers has allowed the company to leverage global design and colour trends, tailored to local tastes. He has expanded the company’s capabilities in innovation and design to introduce premium products that cater to discerning customers willing to pay a premium price for quality. He continuously pushes the boundaries of innovation, keeping in mind the affordability metrics and overcoming accessibility and distribution-related challenges.

As a visionary CEO, Nikhil proudly steered his organisation to new heights by securing a pivotal partnership with TPG Growth and QRG Enterprises. He has deftly crafted a compelling vision, breathing life into his company’s potential and translating it into a tangible reality through inspirational leadership. His unwavering commitment to transparency, accountability, and ethical governance has instilled trust in potential investors, propelling his company to new heights. His ability to listen and empathise with his team members is an indispensable asset, cultivating a culture of camaraderie and collaboration that fuels productivity and fosters innovation in the organisation.

With his visionary leadership, Campus has aligned its CSR efforts with the national development goals to foster genuine philanthropy. It has formed meaningful partnerships with NGOs like Goonj, Clothesbox, and Prayas, and prioritised healthcare initiatives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Under Nikhil’s dynamic leadership, Campus has been bestowed with numerous accolades. From bagging the coveted ET Best Brands Award to earning the prestigious Rising Brand of Asia 2022-23 title, the company has been at the forefront of excellence. The Best Outdoor Plan – E4M Neons Award, E4M Pride of India: North Bharat Award, and the North India Best Employer Brand Award are just a few more feathers in his cap!