Yeasha Sobhan

Yeasha Sobhan


Yeasha Sobhan is the Director of Bashundhara Group, largest business conglomerate that employs over 50 thousand people directly and 2 million indirectly, within 25 years of its operation engaged in developing real estate, manufacturing cement, papers, tissue, iron and steel, multi-faceted shopping mall, media house, processing of LP gas and operation shipping lines etc. She looks after the Marketing & Business Operations of some of the key SBUs of Bashundhara Group. Under her resourceful, contemporary and strategic performing abilities, she has been quite successful in building & maintaining top-brands e.g. Bashundhara Tissue, Bashundhara Paper, Bashundhara Exercise Books, Bashundhara Diapant, Monalisa Sanitary Napkin, Bashundhara Baby Diaper, Baba Rafi Bangladesh, The Food Hall etc. in the mind of Bangladeshi consumers.


Yeasha Sobhan has been phenomenal in driving some remarkable marketing initiatives for Bashundhara Tissue, that currently holds over 75% market share and earned the Best Brand 2018 award in its category lately (audit done by Nielsen, award initiative by Bangladesh Brand Forum). Again “Bashundhara Paper”, the largest and the most trusted Paper brand in the region has earned “Superbrands” award in 2018, thanks to her consistent brilliant marketing drives. Her decision to bring about some trend-setting Hygiene-care products has turned today’s Bangladeshi baby-care market into one of the most promising business areas. She took the lead to introduce first-ever Bangladeshi origin pant-style Diaper brand “Bashundhara Diapant” in 2017 which has proven as one of the successful steps as it is the leading brand already in the domestic market. In short, she has become one of the role models in Bangladeshi Business Arena.

In 2016, she took the lead to bring ‘Baba Rafi – Kebab Turki’ Restaurant franchise in Bangladesh from Indonesia and now the Restaurant chain named “BabaRafi Bangladesh” has earned substantial fame for its quality food item and unique presentation style. At the same time, “FOOD STREET”, a pure local food restaurant-chain was launched in Dhaka and soon has become one of the top hangout places for young food-lovers. In 2018, she has been quite bold to introduce first-ever and the largest food-court “THE FOOD HALL” in Bashundhara City Shopping Mall in Dhaka, having a space of over 7,500 sq. feet. Inside THE FOOD HALL, food-lovers can enjoy foods served from 6 different counters – “JUST THAI”, “CIPRIANI”, “BIRIYANI BOYS”, “JUICE & JUICE”, “FOOD STREET”, “BAKERY ISLAND”. She revived “Sunflower Restaurant” in 2018, one of the oldest but long-lost businesses of the Group, which has already created quite a hype among the Dhaka residents. As a whole, she has already shown remarkable successes once after carried out Restaurant-chain businesses.


She has been quite proudly running “Bashundhara Special Children Foundation”, a caring-place for the development & education of autistic children, where currently some 150 autistic children are getting proper daily management at free of cost. A graduate in Fashion Design & Interior from Raffles Design Institute, Singapore, Yeasha Sobhan is married to Safwan Sobhan, Vice Chairman of Bashundhara Group and they have a daughter Rania and a son Shehzad.