Matador Group

Matador Group

The superior quality of Matador ball pen has made the brand a household name across the country. Matador’s awardwinning ball-point pens are known for their affordability, durability, neat and seamless finsn ter tan a pens, Matador Group also anufactures fies, foders, and attractive stationery items for scoos and office, suc as eraser, sharpener, scale, T pencil box, drawing book, arer, fie oder, and ots more. Recently Matador has forayed into a new product category – Confectionery.


Matador has the capacity of manufacturing 1.9 million disposable pens per day, which makes it the largest disposable pen maker in Asia. It persistently focuses on expanding its global footprint. Currently, it exports its pens to Africa, the Middle East, and some parts of Europe and Asia. It also specializes in manufacturing gel pens as e as refiae a ens with various ball diameters and trendy ink colours for catering to the requirements of its huge customer base.


Matador Group has achieved global recognition for its innovativeness and has been honoured with multiple awards including Superbrands Award (Dhaka, Bangladesh) in 2018, IDPEQ Award (Vienna, Austria) in 2017, IDSQ Award (Paris, France) in 2015, IQS Award (New York, USA) in 2014, and CIGQE Award (Geneva, Switzerland) in 2013.