5 Paisa Capital Ltd.

5 Paisa Capital Ltd.

5 Paisa can proudly boast of being the only listed discount broking company in the country. A firm that has 7 lakh active users, it already offers equity investing at zero brokerage.


The company not only facilitates investments in mutual funds but also takes care of loans, insurances as well as other products through its forum.

This discount broking firm cares for its investors and believes in always being with them on their path to wealth creation. For the benefit of its customers, 5 Paisa has launched an app that is free and can be easily followed.

Through this app, the firm explains the nuances of safe investments to clients and investors. Through the diverse, short yet informative modules on the app, the firm aims to rise up to the expectations of its clients. After keenly observing the disappointing returns that people get in the investment market, the company uses its expertise to guide its customers at each level. It helps them make decisions based on thorough research. An informative and reliable app such as this helps investors make sound decisions and insulate themselves in volatile market conditions.


By reducing the DP transaction charges by half, 5 Paisa is enabling the new age investor like no other. The firm offers an attractive amount of Rs. 12.5 as brokerage fees, which is the lowest in the country.

Its loyal investors consider this to be the most affordable brokerage, which gives them a chance to have better freedom to sell shares or carry out any other transactions on their trading platform. With the markets swinging from one end to the other, the traders are bound to make several transactions.

As the firm charges lower fees, they feel empowered to trade freely at affordable prices.


The brokerage company has many offers and schemes that offer zero DP charges for its Platinum and Titanium customers. Besides this, 5 Paisa is the only company that offers a flat charge of Rs. 10 for each transaction irrespective of the size of the transaction.

Apart from this, it has also launched a lending platform called the 5 Paisa Loans, which enables lending of Rs. 500 to Rs. 50 lakh to a number of borrowers and helps the lenders earn an interest of 36 per cent per annum.


The current year has seen many people taking to investments, which is clear from the rise in the number of demat accounts that currently stands at 40.8 million as compared to 35.9 million in the last fiscal year.

This is a promising aspect the company focuses on and plans to expand further in terms of providing opportunities to investors as well as generating a greater revenue for itself. By launching new services and focusing on its commitment to its clients, 5 Paisa is building a bright future for itself.