Aachi Masala

Aachi Masala

Offering a motley of tongue-tickling flavors in one plate, Indian cuisine is possibly the most exciting and intimidating one. Its elaborate flavors surely reach the heart directly from the tastebuds. And what makes this cuisine stand out from the world’s variable food offerings is the ample use of various spices. In fact, what make Indian food truly Indian are the munificent signature spices which are an integral part of its making. They are the soul of every dish, accentuating not just the flavor but its aroma too and also carry certain health benefits.

Indian market is full of various brands offering a wide range of spices, but there is one name that stands out in the crowd because of its unmatched quality and authentic tastes. Aachi Masala is surely the gerent of the spice industry. It offers the most genuine quality of spices and is the first choice of every household. Aachi Masala has the power to make one feel the mouthwatering tang of the spices as soon as one opens the packet. The aesthetic aroma of Aachi Masala can take anyone away to a different universe.

Aachi- a fond reference to Grand Mother in Chettinad Tamil, does full justice to its name as it packs the taste of a mother’s hand in every packet. As no one cooks better than a mother, similarly no spice can fill the food with life as Aachi Masala does.


The force behind the immense success of Aachi Masala is a vibrant team which ensures that every packet is filled with the essence of centuries old legacy of the Indian spices. Each member of the team has a deep scientific knowledge and years of experience in working with the spices. Experienced Food Technologists are involved in new product development as well as in product improvement.

Aachi has its very own research and development department which dedicatedly observes the market demand patterns to develop and produce new variants of flavors and packaging ensuring maximum sales. It adopts the best manufacturing practices adhering to stringent hygiene practices. Pest-proof production facilities at all the factories are installed to control the birth of potent micro-organisms and tracking of the entire farm-to-plate process is done through traceability coding.

For the manufacturing of the seemingly magical powders high quality raw materials are sourced from all over the country- Chillies from Guntur, Turmeric from Erode, Coriander from Madya Pradesh and Rajasthan, Pepper and Cardamom from Munnar, Cumin and Mustard from Madhya Pradesh, Green Cardamom from Kerala and so on. These raw materials are then quality-checked under severe hygiene parameters and then processed to create the packets filled with most delightful and genuine spices.


The secret ingredient behind this platter of success of the brand is their motto of serving “Quality Everywhere and in Everything” to its customers. The brand has a much focused customer-centric approach and they are dynamically indulged in producing best-quality products catering to all segments of the society at affordable prices. Each and every packet of Aachi Masala is a promise of excellent quality, strong resources, standardization & upgrading of products as per international standards, and excellent brand recall. The brand does constant market surveys to analyze the customer needs and preferences and keeps on innovating more appealing tastes and quality of its products.

It also incessantly works to increase the intrinsic value for all stakeholders with the highest Corporate Governance Standards. Aachi is also dedicated towards the environment & society. It takes several measures to keep the entire ecosystem hale and hearty. Aachi has provided employment to several hundreds of women and a significant number of physically challenged people.