Al Rawabi

Al Rawabi

Al Rawabi Dairy produces a wide range of dairy products- from fresh milk to yoghurts, Laban, functional healthy products and fresh juices. They sell their products across the UAE, Oman and Qatar.

The brand was founded in 1989 in Dubai, UAE. Since then they have been producing fresh milk, juice and other dairy products at their farm in Al Khawaneej. The brand has grown to become a staple part of the average diet within the UAE homes, consistently maintaining a third of the local market share.

The farm began production with just 500 Holstein and Friesian cattle – breed of German cows. Today, they have more than 10, 000 cows and are still counting! As well as providing for the home country, they also export the products within the GCC to Oman and Qatar. They distribute their products to over 9k outlets.

At Al Rawabi, they treat their cows as their source of pride and joy. They have resident veterinary doctors to keep the cattle healthy and maintain a comprehensive vaccination program that ensures a disease-free herd. The high quality air conditioning system protects the cows from the stifling summer heat.

The milking operation at the farm highly produces approximately 250k litres of milk a day. The cows at the farm are milked 3 times a day and the milk is immediately chilled to maintain its freshness, before being transported to the factory where it is homogenized and pasteurized retaining its proteins and other nutrients.


Innovation has always been at the heart of what they do. Al Rawabi was the first dairy producer in the UAE to pack fresh milk in plastic bottles and in 1994; they were the first company to introduce 100% natural and fresh orange juice. This range has grown over the years and they now have over 14 flavors in the market.

From then, they have eyed the opportunity to introduce large sizes for families and introduced 2L, 3L and gallon sizes to the market. The brand continues to innovate, most recently with functional products and the likes of Nutreeboost and Omega 3 Milk. The future will see many more products incorporating new tastes and enriching the products with essential vitamins and nutrients. Al Rawabi firmly believes in having cemented themselves as ‘The Nation’s Favorite.’


Regular Milk

Al Rawabi Milk is known for its straight from the farm taste that has secured its position as Dubai’s favorite brand. Freshness and purity is integral to each product in the milk range. The range contains no preservatives or additives and the strategic location of their farms in Dubai ensures fresh delivery in every bottle.

Functional Milk

In support of UAE government initiatives to stamp out nutritional deficiencies, Al Rawabi is committed to providing consumers with functional milk products that offer real value added health benefits. Not only does Al Rawabi Super Milk and Omega 3 contain the good-for-you calcium the consumer expects, but also a bunch of extra vitamins that help adults and children to reach their daily targets of vital nutrients. So read on and discover what benefits lay in drinking the functional milk products every day.


Al Rawabi has more than 20 years expertise in sourcing the best fruits to create a delicious range of juices with a great choice of flavors for the whole family to enjoy at any occasion.


Al Rawabi provides the highest quality yoghurts from fresh plain yoghurts made from 100% pure cow’s milk to fruit flavored yoghurt with real fruit pieces that are good for all in the family.