Aditya Khemka

Aditya Khemka

“He is dedicated to providing path-breaking security and surveillance solutions to ensure safety of vulnerable industrial and defence establishments and socio- cultural life in general”

Aditya Khemka is reckoned among the pioneers of the security & surveillance industry – one of the firsts to introduce surveillance in India. With his unwavering zeal and foresight he has created iconic brands like CP Plus and established himself as an advocate of security & surveillance. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Khemka is passionate philanthropist, actively working towards the upliftment of the underprivileged

Need for SurveillaNce

The rising threat from terrorism, violence, road rage and crimes has made the need for reliable and effective security solutions indispensible. As India endeavors to be among the highly developed and prosperous nations of the world, it needs to be well-prepared to face the unique security challenges of the future to ensure safety of vulnerable industrial and defence establishments and socio-cultural life in general.

aN HoNeST viSioN

Aditya Khemka has been dedicated to the mission of providing path-breaking solutions in the field of security and surveillance. He envisions a secure world free of such threats; a world where physical security is a given – a right that each individual is entitled to. An MBA from the Fore School of Management, Mr.      Khemka                     brings with him more than two decades of experience          in                     channel                     relationship management.                   As                    the                   Managing Director of Aditya Infotech Limited (AIL), a flagship company of the Aditya Group, which he set up in 1993, Mr. Khemka contributed  tremendously to its growth, size and capabilities by initiating nation-wide distribution of computer parts and peripherals in 2000, expanding it further into niche technology verticals such as audio-video graphics, multimedia, animations, post- production and broadcasting solutions.

He finally incorporated CP Plus, a security and surveillance brand in 2007, which went on to become the youngest and fastest brand to be counted among the Global Top 4 and Asia’s Top 2 security and surveillance brands, in a very short span of time.

Mr. Khemka has grandly accomplished the herculean job of installing 5 facets in AIL – Aditya Distribution, Aditya Technology Summit, Aditya Solutions, Aditya Rentals, Aditya Care – in order to provide value-added services to Indian customers in the field of security surveillance, capturing the leadership in security and surveillance products distribution and  to  guide the decision makers in the field of security. He has not only created iconic brands in security & surveillance but also significantly contributed to the mammoth task of revolutionizing and commercializing surveillance in India through    extensive    communication, marketing and training.

With more than 52 branches across 650+ towns and more than 550 sales and technical professionals working under its helm, he has led AIL to becoming India’s No. 1 CCTV production and distribution house.

A   VerSaTile   PerSoNaliTy

Aditya Khemka is an avid reader and a regular contributor in leading IT and security magazines. He also speaks on security and surveillance for key international forums.

An  enthusiastic   philanthropist, Mr. Khemka is involved in host of CSR activities that are aimed at the improvement of healthcare, education and public security in the country, with a core focus on the welfare and development of underprivileged women and children.