Adv Dr. Sudhindra Bhat

Adv Dr. Sudhindra Bhat

Being a lawyer is not merely a vocation. It gives an individual the power to bring justice and discipline in the society. For this, one must have a strong sense of responsibility, be unbigoted, and dedicated to the profession. Dr. Bhat is that one person.

The Forerunner of SS Law— one of the leading law firms in India — Dr. Bhat has been offering legal services for about three decades. Till now, he has empowered and helped hundreds of individuals and businesses with several law services.


Dr. Bhat’s exceptional expertise comes from years of experience and high qualification. To be the best in his field, he made sure his educational experience becomes rich and vast. Today, he not only holds a Bachelor in Law and an MBA but also an LLM, MFM, CFA, M.Phil. and PhD. His multifaceted education has shaped him into one of the most respected lawyers in the country.

He now specializes in criminal law, family/divorce, civil, IPR, personal injury, property, corporate law, arbitration, and mediation. His organization SS Law also provides advisory, training, and investigation services in Trial Court, High court, and Supreme Court.

But this all-rounder approach is not the only USP of his organization. Dr. Bhat understands the trust his clients put in him and makes sure that the team devotes its time to find the best solutions with a personal touch.

The success story of Dr. Bhat does not stop here. He is also known for his expertise in finance and business, which he keeps sharing through his books like Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Financial Management: Principles and Practices, and a few more. He has also won corporate awards for his remarkable business acumen and exceptional work.


Staying ahead in the legal field is one thing but staying ahead while adhering to values and ethics is commendable. Since the beginnings of his career, Dr. Bhat promised himself to do his work with integrity and loyalty. No matter what the case was, he did not leave his values.

Now, these two are the touchstones by which he runs his law firm. Another thing that highlights Dr. Bhat’s commitment to his profession is his Pro-Bono-Work initiative. Through this initiative, he offers legal services to people from low-income groups and minorities. With these values and philosophies, Dr. Bhat has created a team of lawyers that are not just exceptional at their job but also possess a strong character.


Legal practices in India have seen a dramatic change over the past few years. People can easily get legal advice within a few clicks. This has increased the competition in field by many folds. However, this competitive and dynamic environment is nothing but an exciting challenge for him. In fact, Dr. Bhat hopes the change keeps happening as it gives him the opportunity to help more and more people. The satisfaction that comes from happy clients encourages him to continue his profession and keep making a difference in people’s lives.