Amal Alblooshi

Amal Alblooshi

Amal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from Higher Colleges of Technology. In 2017, she earned an M. Sc. degree in Project Management from British University in Dubai, followed by a Diploma in Artificial Intelligence from Oxford University in 2019.

She is best known for implementing effective project management strategies at the local and global levels. In fact she has 14 years of experience as a project manager in Dubai, having worked on software projects, programs, portfolio management, executive government portfolio management, and digital wellness. Her greatest strength is her business understanding, which enables her to streamline execution.

In 2021, Amal took over the responsibility of Director of the National Wellbeing Program at the Ministry of Community Development. A core part of her role involves embedding UAE vision for well-being across various core business units, including (Education, Health, Housing, and Residential Communities, Community Development, Economy, Government Services, and Labour).

In addition, she oversees the implementation of the UAE Wellbeing Strategy 2031 and tracks the performance of 49 government entities with local and global KPIs. As the official UAE Government Spokesperson for Wellbeing, she also co-leads the UAE’s National Program for Happiness and Wellbeing Portfolio, besides leading other international wellbeing initiatives. Furthermore, the tech-savvy leader oversees the UAE Digital Wellbeing Program, which lays out the country’s digital initiatives, programs, and policies.


Amal is a member of several prominent institutions in the UAE. She is the member of the UAE Digital Wellbeing Council Secretary (chaired by HH Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior), UAE Wellbeing Council Secretary, and UAE National Mental Health Panel. Besides leading UAE’s Wellbeing Program, she leads the Chief Happiness and Wellbeing Government Network, which involves more than 140 Chief Happiness and Wellbeing Officers from 84 government entities.


As a leader, Amal demonstrates resilience and provides innovative insights that are deeply inspirational for others. She works unstintingly to ensure a sound digital public wellness infrastructure. Among the initiatives that the leader spearheaded are the UAE Digital Wellbeing Program, the Digital Wellbeing Policy, the Digital Wellbeing Knowledge Platform, the Digital Wellbeing Support Line, and the Digital Wellbeing Curriculum. She also developed the UAE Game Classification Platform. Her other accomplishments include successfully establishing the UAE Wellbeing Program, including Wellbeing Local and Global Councils, the Excellence Framework, the Wellbeing Platform, and the Wellbeing Network.


Amal has received many honours in recognition of her accomplishments, including the Sharjah Government Media Award for Most Impactful Community Initiative 2021; the UAE Artificial Intelligence Program Award for Most Feasible Project 2019; the Ministry of Interior Award for Child Protection Initiative 2019; Emirates Group Spark Leadership Program Award 2016; and the Emirates Group 14 Najm Awards for exceptional performances 2007 – 2016