IPMC takes great delight in being the preferred IT partner of numerous top organizations in the government and private sector. Industry leaders in banking and finance, oil and petroleum products, telecommunications, trading, and manufacturing have seen transformative success thanks to its business solutions. Amar Deep S Hari is the co-founder and CEO of IPMC and an accomplished and competent businessman, educator, and philanthropist with 30 years of experience creating and growing prosperous businesses. He has spent over four decades in Africa and is committed to seeing Ghana emerge as the continent’s IT hub.


The Data Center Solutions from IPMC are the solution to one company’s expansion, meeting the challenges of its business’ application requirements and overcoming the demands of its application needs. Because it’s virtualized, runs on numerous hypervisors, and is more distributed than ever, today’s applications require rapid and continuous delivery. IPMC offers quick-to-deploy solutions that are application-centric and agile for setting up virtual machine workloads. In addition, it provides support for corporate data centers, telecoms, collocation, and managed services facilities.


With the help of IPMC’s EUC Solutions, companies can create the ideal collaborative working environment that spans time zones, locations, and even organizations. Its dependable and flexible EUC solutions ensure that one may scale up or down as its workforce’s demands change while ensuring that its end users are seamlessly connected and have access to the resources they require. It takes care of the hassles associated with setting up and maintaining hardware infrastructure. On the other hand, the core of one’s organization will be powered by intelligence from IPMC’s ERP solutions, enhancing visibility and productivity throughout every process, including manufacturing, supply chain, human resources, finance, and more. IPMC provides fully customizable ERP application solutions that give you safe platforms, lower operational expenses, and boost your company’s profitability


A combination of market analysis, strategic planning, and robust digital interventions, IPMC’s Digital Marketing Solutions helps companies establish a distinctive brand. Its full-service marketing division serves businesses worldwide by developing effective marketing solutions that enable the customer to react swiftly to the always-changing markets. All facets of digital strategy, including SEO and SEM, web and app development, creative work, and paid media, are successfully executed by its skill pool. IPMC applies its expertise to develop lead generation strategies and boost the effectiveness of the customer company’s sales channels through digital interventions.


The IT training solutions provided by IPMC create a highly qualified, native IT workforce through 24 advanced centers across Ghana. Its curriculum and training are designed to train students at various knowledge and skill levels, from novices to experts, from academic students to working professionals.


The foundation of IPMC is a solid set of fundamentals and principles that have molded its growth and continue to direct its interactions with clients, partners, and staff members. It makes sure that its team conducts honorably and upholds corporate ethics.