Apex Insurance Consultant Ltd.

Apex Insurance Consultant Ltd.

Under the directorship of Vijay Arora and Sanjay Mishra, the New Delhi based firm is primarily involved in activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding. It is the only risk management company working to ensure working conditions with minimized economic risks and protect the interests of the medical fraternity. Apex Insurance Consultant Ltd. caters to a growing need of risk management in this important niche segment and contributes to a more thorough understanding of the nature of medico-legal risk.


Epitomizing true humanity, medical profession enables healers to reach out to and improve the lives of those in need. But, it should also be remembered that it is one of the most stressful and riskiest professions in the world, especially in the context of limited healthcare infrastructure and facilities in India. AICL understands this and offers medico legal risk coverage by facilitating a better understanding of the sources of potential risk which are so many and nuanced. Risk management has two broad objectives — first is all about identifying, anticipating, and planning for contingency and setbacks; another is to bridge the gap of understanding and communication between the law and the medicine.

The growing emphasis on health and healthcare has spawned a dramatic rise in the scope of scientific knowledge and improvements in patient management, medical procedures, and management of clinical situations. Hence, the need for a safety cover for our medical care providers has emerged in parallel to these dynamics. Identifying the nature and sources of risk form an integral part of the quality and safety improvements.

However, regular insurance schemes in India are not designed to cover an individual or organization on every front. Its conventional role is limited in its scope as it only focuses on the financial aspect of damage. However, damage or loss may also include harming one’s image, goodwill, and career. It is here that AICL’s expertise comes into play to help provide a complete solution to these issues. Having resolved more than twenty thousand cases in India, AICL is widely known for its vast experience and in-depth knowledge of medical risk management. It is successfully working in more than 26 states in tandem with many medical associations across the country.


Doctors & healthcare providers leave no stone unturned to nurture our health and help us cope with medical emergencies. But, they themselves are also vulnerable to instances like being asked for damage claims by disgruntled patients or the families of the deceased patients. The fraternity no longer needs only an Indemnity insurance but a complete proper risk management solution, in the absence of which there are bound to be costs in terms of money, time, morale and public image.

Therefore, besides indemnity insurance, services offered by it also include fullscale risk management, health insurance, finance insurance & investment, medical & life insurance, financial intermediation, insurance agent services, average & loss adjustment & actuaries.