ARC Fertility was founded with a dream to up the ante in reproductive health and medicine in India. With a commitment to innovation, accessibility, and ethical practices, it has been significantly contributing to the reproductive medicine sector in India, providing hope and solutions to childless couples.

ARC International Fertility & Research Centre is a provider of advanced assisted reproductive treatment services at affordable costs. Founded in 2004, the centre now has 30 branches across India in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, and West Bengal, and an international centre in Sri Lanka.


ARC Fertility was founded with the objective of providing the most advanced reproductive care to patients belonging to diverse cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds. The centre has successfully catered to more than 55,000 couples since its inception in 2004.

The centre prides itself in being equipped with advanced and world-class facilities offering quality services to its patients. It is headed by Dr. Mahalakshmi (Reproductive Consultant).

India’s fertility and reproductive treatments market is witnessing significant growth, with over 2,500 fertility clinics and a high number of treatment cycles, second only to the United States. This dynamic sector is poised for further expansion, making it a promising field for both healthcare providers and patients. ARC Fertility has seen patients from over 27 countries coming to seek its unmatched treatments and services.


The foundation of ARC Fertility is a journey of how Dr. Mahalakshmi built her career as a gynaecologist. She aspired to excel in the specialsed field of reproductive medicine. For this, she strengthened her specialisation in gynaecology and anaesthesiology, and since she was the first doctor in her family, she carved her own professional path. Even during her formative years, she effectively handled high-risk pregnancies without any senior guidance.

Dr. Mahalakshmi is a visionary who could recognise the impending need for reproductive medicine in years to come. Her visionary approach was evident when she championed the early adoption of ‘cashless insurance’ that made ARC Fertility prominent in Perampur (a small suburban area in Chennai) where the first clinic was started in 2000.


ARC Fertility is known for providing world-class fertility care, leveraging cutting-edge equipment and tools. Providing exceptional services to patients at a reasonable price is the motto of the facility. Under Dr. Mahalakshmi’s able guidance, the centre provides personalised and optimum care to women. Over the years, the team has assisted many childless couples realise their lifelong dream of parenthood using advance methodologies.

A major concern of many prospective parents who dream of having a child is the treatment cost. ARC Fertility sets itself with its affordable pricing model. Its underlying belief is that the joy of motherhood is every women’s right, regardless of financial capabilities. Dr. Mahalakshmi has succeeded in giving out the most sophisticated reproductive care for individuals from diverse cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.

With India’s rapidly expanding fertility and reproductive treatment market, there are numerous opportunities for growth and innovation. To stay ahead of the curve, clinics need to focus on a comprehensive approach that combines technology, expertise, affordability, and patient-centric care, while adhering to ethical and regulatory standards. This holistic vision is why ARC Fertility enjoys an unrivalled reputation. The centre remains steadfast in its mission to address the growing demand for reproductive medicine and contributing positively to the well-being of couples seeking to start or expand their families.