Backed by three decades of legacy, VTP Realty is today Pune’s top real estate developer and a winner of several national and international laurels for its excellence in the business. The company reinforced its market dominance last year by delivering an impressive 36 lakh square feet in a single financial year.

Apart of the multi-business VTP Group, VTP Realty was established in 1985 under the able guidance of Vilaskumar Thanmal Palresha. With his tireless efforts, he has created a long standing legacy business beginning from a kirana shop to turn into a trusted company dealing in construction material supplies. The organisation then steadily became the largest realty business in the west-Indian city of Pune. On the course, it has also become the second-largest supplier of cement in Maharashtra and the largest in Pune.

VTP Realty started as the sole real estate arm of the group in 2008, and since then has worked on multiple award-winning projects, including schools, malls, residential and commercial properties, and hotels, among others. Some of its most successful projects include VTP Urban Space, VTP Alpine, Landmark, The Marketplace, VIBGYOR Schools, and Eden International School, to name a few.

Last year, VTP Realty reinforced its market dominance by delivering an impressive 36 lakh square feet in a single financial year. Brand VTP currently has 3 crore square feet under construction.


It is impossible for any business to survive in today’s overly competitive world. If one wants to succeed, it is really important to have a strong vision and unified mission within the team that everyone collectively focuses on. For VTP Realty, too, the secret sauce behind its success has been its unwavering commitment to its core values, which lay in its aim to be one of the most admired real estate brands in the country.

With innovation, trust, and care at the fulcrum of its business, VTP Realty is reimagining the power of strong infrastructure for a country’s growth daily. It has built a strong team of like-
minded and passionate individuals who strive continuously to deliver unmatched product quality, attention to detail and transparency.

VTP Realty understands the modern consumer landscape – how homes have transformed into a melting pot for the personal and professional lives of individuals, how shopping centres have become safe havens and chill-out zones as well, and how educational institutions are now all about the holistic development of an individual. Therefore, it keeps introducing all the modern touches, backed by futuristic technology, and strong material in its projects.

When it comes to realty in Pune, no one can match the expertise and hold over the market that VTP Realty has. Its popularity is only increasing by the way it delivers timely, ultra modern, and savvy townships, residential properties, and commercial outlets.


When any business is tirelessly striving for excellence, laurels follow naturally. VTP Realty’s most noteworthy feat has been its success in hosting the single largest Gruh Pravesh event on Gudi Padwa, one of the most auspicious days for new beginnings in the Hindu calendar,
this year. The event saw 1,778 families conduct Gruh Pravesh ceremonies on the same day across five projects. This extraordinary accomplishment has shattered all previous records in the Pune real estate market and perhaps the Indian market as well.

Additionally, it has won many awards for its projects, including but not limited to, Developer of the Year 2022, SAP Dare to Dream Awards 2022, Best Campaign of the Year for VTP Euphoria, Best Township Project of the Year for Pegasus, and multiple awards at the Asia-Pacific Property Awards for its various projects. It has been ranked the Real Estate Company of the Year three times in a row. With several of its outstanding projects under construction, it will not be a surprise if VTP Realty continues to win many awards in the future as well.