Arun Kumar Bijjala

Arun Kumar Bijjala


Mr. Bijjala is one of the prominent leaders in the pharmaceutical industry and possesses excellent business acumen. With 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, he guides a passionate team of experts who discover, develop and cost-effectively distribute the products.

He is determined to provide affordable and accessible medicinal help to disadvantaged groups. He firmly believes that only happy and satisfied customers can help a firm grow; hence he works relentlessly to provide the best services to the consumers. He is the man of the people working tirelessly for customers’ benefit.


A postgraduate in microbiology, Mr. Bijjala was always interested in introducing such medicines in the market that would benefit the country’s people. Before commencing his entrepreneurial journey in 2015, he worked as a medical representative. He later became the General Manager of a pharmaceutical company.

Both roles enhanced his experience and paved the way for him to establish his own organisation, Converge Biotech. With robust planning and meticulous execution, he has transformed the company to one of the fastest growing organisation.


Mr. Bijjala is undoubtedly a nobleman. He was well aware that despite the pharmaceutical companies making a variety of life-saving medicines, many people die because of the lack of availability or the high cost of medicines. Therefore, he wanted to break these barriers and make medicines readily available at nominal prices without compromising the quality of the products.

All the products by Converge Biotech are manufactured in a WHO-GMP-approved manufacturing plant. Mr. Bijjala’s dedicated efforts have enabled the firm to grow exceptionally in the short span of five years.


Mr. Bijjala takes Mr. Ratan Tata as his inspiration; just like him, he believes in taking risks for the company’s growth. He doesn’t rely on hasty decisions and always scans the market before making any decision. His journey to success was full of impediments, and he had to face many challenges before turning into an employer from an employee. Nevertheless, he risked all his savings to start this new venture. He launched various market trials and made huge investments in sales and marketing to turn his small company into one of the leading organisations in the healthcare sector. Instead of making random decisions, he went to customers and understood their feedbacks and noted their pain points. This practical exposure helped him in introducing new products that addressed the requirements of customers.


Mr. Bijjala believes that teamwork is an asset for the company and gives credit to his hardworking team of professionals for all the notable achievements of his firm. He has been recently felicitated with Excellence in Product Innovation by FTCCI, Telangana. It was a moment of celebration for him when in 2017, Converge Biotech became an ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation. He was also recognised as the Emerging Entrepreneur by PIPRA in association with the Government of Telangana. He has not refrained from burning the midnight oil to spread his business like wildfire. Resultantly, his company was recognised as the Fastest Growing Company in the country. Starting his firm with just 25 employees in 2015 and operating out of only two states, today, he works throughout India with more than 200 employees.