Asia Shipping Group

Asia Shipping Group

Founded in 1996 and recognized by Dun & Bradstreet, AS Group -Brazil are the only Latin American company listed among the Top 30 Largest Freight Forwarders on the Transport Topics ranking. The parent group has 26 years of experience, over 1000 employees, 40 own offices across 12 countries and a network of representatives in 6 continents. Its Indian branch, Asia Shipping International Transport Private Limited, began in New Delhi in 2012 and is a proud representative of the parent conglomerate, viz., AS Group – a Brazilian multinational logistics service provider.

In the beginning, Asia Shipping, India focused on developing freight forwarding services primarily from India to Latin America. After 10 years of achieving excellence and prioritizing safe service delivery, it has been extending complete range of logistics’ services from the Indian sub-continent to the rest of the world. Their team in India, led from the front by Mr. Amit Tandon, Managing Director, comprises more than 100 employees, 9 own branches, and 350 strategic partnerships worldwide.

Asia Shipping, India is one of the most widely sought after integrated logistics solutions provider. They are a proud member of the WCA World Network, which covers by far the most generous and extensive co-operation program in the industry, coupled with complete security and quality assurance. It has allowed the company to successfully conduct business with other WCA members. It is AEO-accredited, i.e., it has internationally recognized certification issued by the Customs Administration in India, which signifies that Asia Shipping meets the mandatory international safety and security standards with regard to logistics.

The company also holds accreditation by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), a trade association for the world’s airlines, representing some 290 airlines. Asia Shipping is associated with all the major airlines for transportation of cargo worldwide for both export from and import into India, and is further augmenting its air cargo capacities. The Company also holds Good Distribution Practices (GDP) Certificate for pharmaceutical products.


Asia Shipping Group has been recognized all over the world for their proficiency in both air and ocean freight business. Asia Shipping specializes in delivering tailored services. They acquire valuable knowledge of each client’s specific requirements and offer each business the ideal solution based on their specific needs. The clients are from different industries, including automobiles and auto parts, machinery, marble stone and ceramic tiles, wholesale fashion, retail, and oil and gas. The Company has also successfully and safely transported fragile and valuable components like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fresh fruit and vegetables, equipments for renewable energy, electronics, etc.


Asia Shipping International Transport aims for smooth, cost-effective and safe transportation of goods. They offer immediate services through their network of first available flight and shipping connections from origin to arrival at destination.

The Group is a freight forwarding expert that offers fast solutions and reliability and works with the largest international carriers, both airlines and shipping lines, who recognize its expertise. The end-to-end shipment process is supervised and monitored, ensuring 100% traceability of the shipments.

The cargo conglomerate has not just set sail through air and water, but has paved a variety of paths to provide trustworthy multimodal transport solutions. They ship through sea all items of import and export, e.g., temperature controlled, project cargo and cargo requiring special handling, etc. A full-service provider, Asia Shipping ensures customs clearance, physical Inspection and cargo insurance.