Prudence Group of Schools

Prudence Group of Schools

Dr. G.S. Matharoo, a former civil servant started the Prudence Group of Schools as he had a strong passion and a long-cherished dream of getting into the world of education. As Chairman of the group, his commitment to the cause of education is to contribute his best for an educated and self–sufficient nation. His endeavour is to ensure that every child who comes to the portals of Prudence Schools ultimately becomes a fine human being and moves ahead in life with good, strong values and essential skills of life well learnt. He wishes that every child contributes positively to the society and nation at large.


Dr G.S. Matharoo, joined the Education Sector about 15 years ago, carrying a passion for creating a new paradigm in the school education system. He always had a great passion for providing the right education system, especially for the school going students. With a humble, upright, respectable background and roots so strong, it was but natural for him to work his way up with grit and determination to create his unique legacy, revered, and celebrated by many today. Prudence Schools are English medium, co-educational schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Under Dr Matharoo’s guidance, the schools have established themselves as one of the most sought-after schools in Delhi and NCR. The entire establishment works with the sole objective of providing wholesome education to every child by incorporating the best possible physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual and cultural learning. It provides an environment that is safe, clean, healthy and child-oriented. With the help of dynamic curriculum, opportunities are created and abilities developed so that the children who come to the fold are truly educated, enriched and empowered to innovate and create. Prudence Schools aim to pioneer a new paradigm of excellence in school education. Dr Matharoo’s team works hard to ensure that the school children receive a motivational, aspirational, and conducive environment to learn and grow.


Prudence Schools’ quest for excellence have received wide–spread praise in the education sector and even beyond. This year Prudence School, Ashok Vihar was presented the School Excellence Award by Brainfeed. Previously, the CED Foundation awarded Prudence Group of Schools as Star Rated School of India in the benchmark Innovative Practices of Academic Excellence. The schools have also been ranked in the top 5 schools in India and Delhi NCR for STEAM Education Excellence by Education World in the India School Rankings for 2021-22. Dr Matharoo has time and again been recognized for the vision he has and the change he strives to bring about in the education sector. Recently, he was chosen as the ‘Icon of Excellence’ by the Times Group. He was also felicitated with the prestigious Iconic Award 2021 for pioneering a new paradigm of excellence in School Education by Dainik Jagran Inext. This award was presented to him by the Former Minister of Culture and Tourism, Shri Prahlad Singh Patel. Dr Matharoo and his team are working diligently to contribute towards a better future for our children. His endeavour is to reach out to a greater number of children and parents so that they have access to better facilities and resources. He wishes the issues of affordability and geographical locations do not stand in their way to quality education. Prudence Group of Schools now have 10,500+ students across 8 campuses and is now spreading its wings across the country. He believes, it is vital to promote integrity and set sound standards amongst team members. His insight and conviction propelled him to take bold steps and today he has three senior schools and five junior ones in and around Delhi NCR. Prudence Group intends to extend their reach to students and parents PAN India who crave a better education system.