Bashundhara Group

Bashundhara Group

After completing his graduation, Mr. Sobhan started his entrepreneurial attempts with trading businesses back in late 70’s through a small office in old town of Dhaka, in a newly independent Bangladesh. Although he tried several other businesses, but all his efforts found massive success during late 80’s when he started Bangladesh’s first-ever largescale private sector Land Development initiatives and formed East West Property Development (Pvt.) Ltd. in a location very much adjacent to Dhaka (now-a-days, a place considered to be the heart of new Dhaka).

Even in the erratic real estate sector, the Bashundhara Group met with success in its very first project. The organisation quickly gained the confidence and trust of the people and enjoyed upscale growth from there. With the rising urban population and the burgeoning real estate market, it can be said that Bashundhara Group had ground-breaking success within a short span. Being quite confident about this venture, Mr. Sobhan has been very bold later to launch his manufacturingbased enterprises one after another, e.g. Paper Mills, Tissue Mills, Cement, LP Gas, Food & Beverages etc. and got successes in almost every cases to become one of the top business leaders in Bangladesh.

Today, his Group of Companies – commonly termed as “Bashundhara Group” owns at least 3 dozen medium to large enterprises including successful running operation of various servicesector ventures as well e.g. Asia’s one of the biggest Shopping Mall, International Convention Halls, Restaurant Chains, Airways, IT firms, shipping & dredging units, etc.


Bashundhara Group was a dream come true for Mr. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan, an optimistic and visionary leader. With the motto – ‘For the People, For the Country,’ he works with a vision to provide for a better future for the country and people.

Changing trends resulted in Bashundhara Group’s ventures in multiple sectors such as petroleum refinery, maritime transportation, food and beverages, mass media, aviation and others. Branching out enabled the group to be on the forefront with a workforce of more than 50 thousand people.


Bashundhara Group has established various organizations like Bashundhara Ad-Din Medical College and Hospital, Bashundhara Eye-Hospital & Research Institute, Bashundhara Technical Institute (BTI), Bashundhara Foundation, Bashundhara Special Children Foundation which surely depicts Mr. Sobhan’s exemplary contributions towards CSR. Again, for the development and patronization of sports in Bangladesh, Mr. Sobhan has always been the ultimate figure and gradually engaged youngsters in the game of Cricket, Football, etc. under local teams like Lt. Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club Ltd., Bashundhara Kings, Sheikh Russel Krira Chakra, and franchise Rangpur Riders, etc. These initiatives have helped in uplifting the overall image of Bashundhara Group at home and abroad