Bengal Communications Limited

Bengal Communications Limited

Registered under the Company Act of 1994, Bengal Communications Limited has become the largest cable system operator in the country. BCL’s ultimate aim is to provide uninterrupted entertainment to its customers and it has adopted advanced technologies to achieve this goal.

By ensuring its set-top boxes receive efficient satellite TV signals, through its extensive fibre optic and coaxial cable network, the service provider gives its subscribers a chance to stay tuned to everything that’s happening in the world.

The Analog and Digital TV services, along with effective Internet and IPTV/OTT facilities, have helped BCL stay ahead of the curve. Today, 30 percent of all the cable TV connections in Dhaka and 70 percent in Chittagong belong to BCL. Besides the major cities, BCL is becoming increasingly popular in regions like Bogra, Rangpur, Mymensingh, Satkhira, and Cox’s Bazar. The firm differentiates itself from its competitors with its use of the latest technology. For instance, it uses HFC network technology to offer high-speed Internet to its customers.


With its analogue TV signals reaching major cities in Bangladesh, BCL’s is a story of uninterrupted growth. It began its journey by absorbing businesses belonging to the same niche.

Gradually, it acquired dominance in almost every region of Bangladesh and established itself as a complete network provider in just a couple of years.

From area-wise purchase to offering cable TV services to homes, it then expanded its operations to offices, hospitals, hotels and some other sectors.


Technology is the driving force at BCL. Take, for instance,THOMSON’s DVB- compliant Digital Head End System, which is the latest technology that it has acquired. Headquartered in France, THOMSON, the products of which are recognized for their audio and video quality, is a developer of Head End equipment. This tool forms an integral part of the video delivery system that makes sure customers across the nation get an amazing viewing experience. This technology has enabled BCL to currently receive and distribute 250 satellite channels, be it Standard Definition or High Definition ones. BCL is now busy working towards its next goal of providing 500 satellite channels, which, if approved by the government, will be deployed soon.

BCL understands the need for smart identification of customers and targeted communication with them in order to examine the real benefits of digitization. For this purpose, the organisation has a Conditional Access System that helps identify subscribers and also keep track of the revenue obtained from them. It also makes use of the MRTG Graph to assist users with information regarding data usage, latest offers and so on. With customer satisfaction as its top priority, BCL has also set up 24*7 monitoring and support. A significant presence in the region, the organization hopes to expand its services to new areas while staying focused on the customer’s needs.