Bhushan Palresha

Bhushan Palresha

Mr. Bhushan graduated from the prestigious Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies in Mumbai. Ever since he joined the organization, he has been guiding and leading various teams across diverse verticals in the VTP Group. His vision is to turn the organization into one of the top 100 realty companies in the country.


As the Group is based in Pune, Mr. Bhushan has a grip on the pulse of the people in the city. He understands their likes and dislikes when it comes to choosing a project for residence or investment. Thanks to his thorough understanding of the market, the VTP Group consistently comes up with projects that attract the attention of the people of Pune. The Group’s popularity in this field is a testament to its success.


Pune has multiple advantages as not only is it one of the most sought after destinations for education, it is a historically significant place too. These are the reasons why people across the country are interested in Pune for investment purposes. From modern infrastructure to IT hubs, the city has a lot to offer and so there is a large population influx in the region. This has, in turn, helped in boosting the realty sector in Pune. It has become a city of choice for so many young migrant families to settle down. It ranks in the top 5 cities across India for living as well as investment, only behind NCR/Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore. This has, in turn, has fueled the realty sector in Pune which has witnessed a steady growth. VTP Group is a 30+ year old group in the construction sector. Being amongst the top cement dealers in the country, it rates #1 in Maharashtra. Apart from cement, the Group also trades in other construction material like RMC, steel, etc. The Group also owns Viraj Projects, their infra development arm, which is again one of the top names in infrastructure and outsourced construction business with the who’s who of the real estate industry and the Government, being their clientele. VTP Realty has the advantage of the legacy of the Group and leverages the experience and expertise of the Group companies seamlessly. In a very short span of time, VTP Realty, under Mr. Bhushan Palresha’s astute business acumen and easy collaborative approach, has grown manifold. The company, which is involved in residential, commercial, retail & hospitality developments, has delivered nearly 1 million sq.ft. of real estate spaces in Pune. VTP Realty is currently the leader of Pune real estate’s scoreboard in terms of sales turnover. They are known for their Maximum Liveable Area homes which are scientifically designed homes to minimize wastage of space within an apartment. The planning and design of their projects, both inside the home and outside amenities, keep in mind the modern family and their aspirations.


NRIs have always been fascinated by the Indian realty sector in terms of leveraging rental incomes. This is true for metro cities as well as tier-two cities & therefore, Pune & its outskirts are looked upon as great investment options. While some NRIs look at buying property to secure their future, some others buy property to generate rental income. The VTP Group stays on top of all these trends & takes pride in catering to this category. This is the reason why he & his team have successfully created projects in many flourishing areas that would yield benefits to all investors including NRIs.