Abheek Dutta

Abheek Dutta

Taking inspiration from the iconic Ratan Tata, Mr. Abheek Dutta always wanted to be a job-provider than a job-seeker. His interests laid widely in exploring the realms of entrepreneurship and creating a young force of dedicated professionals to contribute to the evergrowing world of technology. So, when he got a chance to build from scratch and head the Indian team of Henson Group, he did not hesitate even once. Now, in his capacity as the Senior Vice President of the Group for the past four years, Mr. Dutta has successfully managed to foster a team of around 80 employees in India. The firm works for customers across several countries, including the USA, the UK, Australia, Africa, Canada, among others.


Mr. Abheek Dutta loves technology. He has a keen eye to understand the latest developments and their implementation in the market. He keeps sharing his insights into all the technical advancements on his blog ‘IT and Management by Abheek’, which he has been running since 2014.

Not just through his blog, Mr. Dutta serves as a source of massive inspiration to his team in person as well. He reckons that it is very important to build a strong next generation of leaders to run a successful enterprise. He works closely with every single team member of his and spends time in identifying and applying appropriate economic and moral enticements to incorporate sustainable development into their lives. He is vigilant about the challenges and opportunities that the team might face while innovating.

Mr. Dutta says that the performance of an employee is the multiple of one’s ability and motivation. Therefore, all the hardworking and deserving employees in his team are awarded and recognized at regular intervals. He invests heavily in his employees and their skill development. In a meeting, he prefers to talk less and listen more. The employees are also incentivized for every creative idea they put on the table.


Mr. Abheek Dutta is a technically sound and focussed person. He is known to be a leader who leads by example and has great team management skills. He is very popular in his circle for the plethora of knowledge and expertise he holds, yet doesn’t believe in resting on one’s laurels.

He constantly hustles to improve himself further, as a person and as a leader. To maintain his expertise, he learns from his mistakes and tries to instil a similar behaviour in his team too. His strong communication skills, dedication towards innovation and trust in the power of collaboration keeps him growing.


Another skill that Mr. Dutta holds is his prowess to build and sustain longlasting relationships with his clients and associates. His vivacious personality attracts a lot of attention and his intelligence never fails to impress those around him. He always maintains cordial relationships with business decisionmakers and finds new growth avenues.

Mr. Dutta is also very proud of the fact that his firm, based in his hometown in Jammu and Kashmir, is giving employment opportunities to a wide range of people from the area. He is working hard to keep extending the youth of his state a work environment that is worldclass, pays well, and keeps them updated with all latest skills and techniques.