Chirag Palande

Chirag Palande

Mr. Palande, the founder of SchoolHandy, wanted to get more involved in the academics of his children and this prompted him to develop the app. SchoolHandy is an app that bridges the gap between schooling and parenting. It keeps the parents updated with all the communication about their child from his or her school in real-time. Any update from the school including notices, diary entries and results are uploaded on the app and parents can track the same instantly. The app’s ‘Live School Bus Tracking’ feature is very popular among parents as child safety is something all parents are concerned about. The app also has other features like a one-to-one chat system to resolve queries, an attendance system and even an online fee payment option.


Mr. Palande is a serial entrepreneur who has managed to successfully lead various entrepreneurial ventures like Gift Box, a corporate gifting venture, and Mobaccs, an e-commerce platform housing private label electronic gadgets. Throughout his career, he has worked with big brands including Sodexo and Network18. Considering Mr. Palande’s entrepreneurial spirit and sharp acumen, SchoolHandy’s success isn’t much of a surprise.

This passionate entrepreneur is armed with a strong academic background. Having graduated from Mumbai University in Bachelors of Commerce, he then opted for a Masters Programme in Management Studies at ICFAI: Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India. His comfort with numbers contributed to his entrepreneurial acumen and this has helped him in many ways throughout his journey.

Thanks to all the varied work experience Mr. Palande has undergone, he likes to set a realistic target for his venture. For instance, with SchoolHandy he believes that in the next three years, the app should expand to at least 100 schools to reduce the communication gap between schools and parents.

This entrepreneur’s motto is to make students street-smart and not just booksmart. His unwavering determination to uplift the quality of education has made the app successful. Through his app, he aims to turn people into smart teachers and smart parents.

In future, Mr. Palande plans to turn SchoolHandy into an important tool for every school.


Mr. Palande’s vision towards his present business venture is to grow SchoolHandy as a primary technology platform in the country by embracing changing technologies and utilizing current developments to cater to the needs of students, parents & teachers. He has the qualities of an innovative leader that has made him capable of envisioning innovation in the smallest of things. He believes that change is the only constant and feels one should keep reinventing himself or herself to be successful in the long run.

He believes that the crumbling pressure felt by children today is due to the parents’ expectations from them, which in turn reflects societal expectations. This creates unnecessary fear in children and has a negative impact. Therefore, Mr. Palande feels that innovative solutions are of vital importance in making learning exciting. He plans to continue on his mission to harness technology to confront the challenges in education.