Biren Ghose

Biren Ghose

Known for his composed demeanor and commitment to excellence, Biren has been the Country Head of Technicolor India for over a decade. This US $5 billion MNC provides services and products for communication, media, and entertainment industries. Biren is a marketing strategist with experience spanning many different industries in India and the Middle East. Biren graduated from the University of Calcutta with a degree in commerce and pursued an Advanced Management Program in Corporate Planning and Management Control at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan School) in the United States. Biren’s leadership skills have been the cornerstone of Technicolor India’s success. He built Technicolor’s India studio from scratch when he joined the company in 2009. The studio he helped establish is now a primary hub for animated content in television, movies, and games. From a small crew to a staff of approx 6,000 artists and technicians, Technicolor India has become the industry’s largest computer graphics company. Biren also manages a team of over 500 engineers who maintain the firm’s competitive edge by constantly inventing new approaches. One of the best characteristics of this inspiring leader is his willingness to take risks. Biren is ecstatic about his achievements, but he also welcomes failure & strives to learn from it. “Failure is part of the learning process, much like falling over when learning to walk,” says the upbeat leader. Biren has spent two decades working in the FMCG and Durables industry in both strategic and operational roles, which has allowed him to gain exposure to both Indian and international markets. During this period, he became involved in many joint ventures and collaborations, allowing him to create new business models. For the past ten years after that, his journey has taken him through some exciting media and entertainment assignments. He has been involved in all forms of content conception, production, and distribution, focusing on kids and family genres.


Biren is a thought leader and industry pioneer who has been lauded as a mentor and a revolutionary by government and industry leaders alike. The Indian government has recognized him as a leader in policy formulation and advocating educational initiatives. The dynamic leader has also been an advocate of the French industry in India. His studio’s accomplishment has been displayed to several high-level French delegations visiting Bengaluru. Additionally, he has implemented a series of French technology events in Bengaluru and spoken at various government and industry conferences about the strategic roadmap for French companies.


The task of wearing multiple hats is never easy, but Biren doesn’t embrace what is easy for him. Besides being the President of ABAI [the Bangalore-based AVGC association], the animation evangelist is also the Vice Chairman of the CII National Media & Entertainment Committee. He also serves as the Chief Mentor for STPI’s Centers of Excellence for animation and AR and VR in the Northeast of India. Further, the multi-talented leader has been a member of the management committees of NASSCOM, FICCI, and other trade associations. His zeal aids him in juggling various responsibilities.


When asked to recount the pivotal moment of his career, Biren cites 1987-1989 as a defining point when he gained the responsibility to lead a Joint Venture between a Swedish Biotech firm & UB Group. However, he says his current role in Technicolor India is the most remarkable, as he was hired into a company when the firm was undergoing the process of transitioning to a 100% subsidiary in 2009. Biren is a fantastic team player and believes that teams that work together are more resourceful and add more value to firms than conflict-ridden teams. Through his pacesetting leadership styles, he sets the pace for others to follow. The people-oriented leader firmly believes that the key to fostering teamwork and collaboration is to empower the team members with a clear purpose. He never fails to appreciate his team for their hard work and efforts. He applauds the talent of his team, saying, “The way Technicolor India’s artists have carried out character performances for some of the world’s most iconic characters speaks volumes about their artistry.” The humble leader adds, “We owe our success to our diligent team members who have been pushing the boundaries of innovation by collaborating with the world’s best artists and designers.” Biren aims at creating a positive and inclusive work environment that promotes gender diversity. He asserts, “I believe strongly that every person should be encouraged to be the best version of themselves. Even though 50-60% of animation students are women, hardly 5% of women studio executives are involved in animation/VFX worldwide. Technicolor India has increased the representation of women in its team by 11%. Currently, we have approximately 650 women working for us.” He appreciates differences in individuals and cultures. “Our workforce comprises people of different genders, ethnicity, ages, nationalities, and religions. Thus, we have a clear diversity and inclusion policy in place that benefits our employees,” he says.


The compassionate leader is keenly aware of the importance of CSR and participates enthusiastically in giving back to society. His goal is to use visual communications and the arts as a catalyst for community development. In his opinion, the development of talent in skill sets across all spectrums of digital arts can lead to economic growth.


He was recently awarded the Ordre National du Mérite by the President of France. The award bestows on Biren the title of “Chevalier,”- a French knighthood. Also, his unstinting involvement has earned Technicolor seven Emmy Awards in Animation from 2016 to 2019. He has also enabled his clients to win a number of world titles such as Oscars, VES, BAFTA, Cannes Lions, and many others for their pioneering work in VFX and animation in films TV, advertising, and games.

Never settling for anything less than the best is Biren’s success mantra. He is extremely passionate about art and music. He loves collecting art and listening to jazz music. His hobbies include playing guitar, tennis, photography, F1 motorsports.