Blue Mount

Blue Mount

Clean drinking water is a requirement that can’t be neglected for a healthier society. In a developing country like India where only 15% of the population has access to pure water, it is necessary to devise strategies to counter the problem for attaining a sustainable growth.

Thus, to improve the quality of drinking water and make clean water accessible to every Indian household, Blue Mount has emerged as the newage water-purifier brand. Blue mount water-purifier is India’s first alkaline RO water purifier brand with LED display technology. Blue Mount Alkaline ROs, in addition to maintaining the TDS also balance ORP & pH level of purified water and adds essential minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, etc. thus making water not only 100% pure but retaining its health benefits of countering the high acid level rise during times of stress, and lack of sleep too.

The product comes with convenience of LED display which shows Filter Life, Tank Full Indication, Auto Flush, Digital Clock, Error Indication, RO On/ Off, and Customer Care Number, etc.


The journey of the brand started in the year 2003 as Elixir Trading Pvt. Ltd. The company at that time used to trade water-purifier components. It started to manufacture the various parts of water-purifying machines in 2009 and extended the same business in coming years before launching India’s first waterpurifier with LED display technology in 2015.

The brand has its presence in 22 states and a dealer network of 3000 spread across the country. Blue Mount envisions spreading its services to every inch of the country and hence it is planning to have 400 distributors and 7,000 retailers with nearly 400 service providers across the country by 2017.

Blue Mount’s various purifiers follow different 4 to 7 stage purification process which is 100 percent chemical-free.

Blue Mount’s superior UF (Ultra Filtration) technology that allows Online Purification at high flow rate is a combination of sediment cartridge, activated carbon cartridge and silver impregnated carbon which removes all chemical impurities like chlorine, as well as color and odor from water. Its Ultraviolet Sterilization is useful for targeted elimination of microbes and other impurities.

The Alkaine RO technology provides purification by various filters- where the Alkaline filter maintains the pH level as well as minerals essential for human body, the carbon and sediments filter remove both suspended and chemical impurities from the water.


The company devotedly follows its core values of quality, integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction to reach its mission of keeping the whole population healthy and provide them with clean drinking water. The team at Blue Mount ensures that each component of its products is crafted in best quality under stringent hygiene conditions. Its sole aim is to serve the customers with highest efficacy. With a customer-centric approach it studies and understands the water present and accessible for consumption and the purification hassles to provide technologically advanced water purifiers.

Along with the customers, the company ensures good relationships with its dealers and employees as well. Blue Mount believes in keeping all their dealings transparent and honesty acts as the fluid that keeps them connected with their dealers and channel partners. The brand does business with utmost professionalism and ethics. All the employees of the company are encouraged to participate in decision making. The team ensures that all its members are dedicated and maintain their morals and motivation at highest levels.