Blueberry Semiconductors

Blueberry Semiconductors

Nitin Naik, the CEO of Blueberry Semiconductors, and his team members have a collective experience of over a hundred years in this industry. Based in Bengaluru, Blueberry Semiconductors is designed exclusively on the Very Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) design and verification domain. The firm works with the aim of providing solutions to customers as per their requirements. Each solution is well-researched and executed with a customised methodology. The company also creates re-usable IPs whenever required. It guides its clients to develop quality products that are cost-effective and delivered within the timeline. On offer are affordable software and solutions that scale from the lab to the production floor. It believes that consistency, accountability, and customer satisfaction are the top business fundamentals for its success and growth.


The major challenge any semiconductor company faces is the need for an ‘industry ready’ talent pool. To overcome this issue, Blueberry Semiconductors has designed unique orientation projects that help and guide young engineers to learn and acquire experience quickly, and be ready for typical customer projects. Each engineer is mentored individually for technical and soft skills during the process. Furthermore, in today’s scenario, where the complexity of the chip and product being developed has scaled up in a non-linear fashion, the cycle time, instead of increasing, has shortened. Therefore, the team of experts at the company put in their efforts to create innovative solutions and develop intuitive tools to meet these challenges. It has an informed and learned workforce with specialised knowledge of chip design, hardware, and embedded software.


Nitin Naik believes that a satisfied customer can boost the company’s growth and success. Engineers do not hesitate to solve the most complex problems for their clients. The founders have a track record of incubating and growing customer accounts. Their business model is quite flexible, supporting right from staff augmentation, Onsite, and Offsite ODC to Build Operate Transfer model. The current engagement period with their top 5 customers is more than two years. Providing the best, timely, and most affordable services to clients drives the company ahead.


In a brief span, Blueberry Semiconductors has become a consistently growing start up company with revenue $25 million. It has served the most prominent clients for technically advanced projects in core industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense, and 5G. It has acquired projects from Israel and Asia-Pacific region, and set up an office at Yokohama, Japan. The company also has an office in San Hose, US, and long working trusted customers from the country. To contribute to ‘Make in India’, it has partnered with the defence force to fulfill its requirements. It envisions being a $100 million Indian technology company soon. Our Tier 2 City expansion model has strengthened the engineering work force across Nagpur, Chennai, and Ahmedabad.