Delivering customer experience (CX) cuts through every industry, from healthcare, logistics, education to travel and BPO. But, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software often proves to be the bottleneck of CX. SPARROW has solved this problem by clubbing all the essential CX solutions together. SPARROW is a customer centric interactive CX platform, which caters CRM & ticket functionality and a corporate productivity suite that came from its creators’ years of work in customer experience. What makes it different from its counterparts is its underlying superior design. It is built in-house by the Customer Experience Lab. leverages customer-first design principle in creating the seamless customer experience.


The name SPARROW reflects to the agility of the platform. Generally, companies make software agile by reducing its number of features. SPARROW, on the other hand, gets its agility and flexibility from its modular design. It supports multiple customer experience channels such as chat, an automated bot, social media, video, and voice. But SPARROW stands apart. Since the architecture is modular, a firm can select a bundle of modules as one package or pick individual modules. The modular structure also allows companies to use different modules at different touchpoints of the customer journey.


Customer Experience Lab is the organisation that envisioned and created SPARROW. The company provides digital enterprise solutions linked to every aspect of customer experience. It serves clients in more than ten countries across diverse business sectors such as Business Process Outsourcing, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, logistics, and e-commerce.

Customer Experience Lab is not just a software development company; it is an amalgamation of process engineering, custom software development, design consultancy, and technology implementation. This help enterprises at every level of the customer journey. In an industry saturated with dozens of legacy players, it is differentiating itself with cutting-edge tech solutions that apply data-driven, real-time optimization. It offers many other enterprise CX solutions, such as AI interactive bots, cloud contact center solutions, and SPARROW. These solutions have helped the company serve a range of clients, including American International Group, Tech Mahindra, Terrabit, Swiggy, Moneymax, KBZ Bank, Infosys, Banyan Tree, and Arya Omnitalk.


SPARROW has an extensive list of features such as multiple mode dialing, workforce management, a customised interactive voice response system, ability to integrate with any other third party applications like SFDC, MS Dynamics, ZOHO etc.. by developing the connectors, call monitoring and coaching, automation of call distribution, and much more. The resulting interaction hub is capable of managing all customer interactions covering numerous channels. With SPARROW by their side, any CX executive can handle multiple touchpoints. The dashboard includes a ticket summary, performance, interaction summary, customer information, and internal comments on tickets. The extensive list of features makes SPARROW a one-shop-stop solution for everything about CX.