BN Group

BN Group

Shri Bateshwar Nath, a visionary entrepreneur, laid the foundation of the BN Group in 1910. The family hailing from Sikar, Rajasthan, moved to Agra, Uttar Pradesh and started its business with a dream of prosperity. His legacy evolved over generations, and his grandson, Mr. Ajay Kumar Agarwal, injected fresh energy into the venture. The business diversified into timber, real estate, and edible oil trading. In 1991, this dynamic evolution culminated in the rebranding of the company as BN Enterprises. Today, BN Group stands as the epitome of visionary leadership, embodying a century-long commitment to growth and excellence. The name ‘BN Group’ not only preserves the legacy of its founder Shri Bateshwar Nath, but also embodies the spirit of “Building the Nation.”


In 2006, Mr. Anubhav Agarwal assumed leadership of the family business. Guided by his father’s wisdom, he recognised the enduring vitality of core industries – food, shelter, and clothing – irrespective of economic tides. Under his stellar leadership, BN Group has achieved unprecedented success and growth in the industry. After completing his education, he immersed himself in mastering the intricacies of the ancestral business, all while envisioning a prosperous future.


Mr. Anubhav Agarwal’s innovative vision is two-fold: to honour and perpetuate his family’s legacy and to make substantial contributions to the nation’s economic growth. This visionary endeavour came to fruition in 2011 with the inception of BN Agritech, a pivotal moment that fortified the group’s prominence within the edible oil industry. Over the past decade, BN Agritech has evolved into one of India’s foremost edible oil manufacturers, primarily catering to the B2B sector.

As an astute observer of evolving socioeconomic landscapes, Mr. Anubhav Agarwal recognised a burgeoning demand for pure, nutritious edible oils driven by rising disposable incomes and urbanisation. He decided to cater to the growing demands by delivering quality and innovation. This dedication has not only preserved his family’s heritage, but also established BN Agritech as a crucial provider for the evolving dietary demands in India, especially among small food chains, FMCG manufacturers, and restaurants.

However, soon the leader realised the dominance of unregulated, often adulterated loose oil in the market. Leveraging BN Agritech’s research and development prowess, he introduced ‘Simply Fresh,’ an affordable, wholesome packaged cooking oil for institutions. This move helped the BN Group to contribute to the nation’s well-being, besides solidifying its position in the edible oil industry. Furthermore, the surge in demand for edible oil prompted the expansion of its production facilities, with a packaging unit in Mathura opening in 2015 and a modern facility near Kandla Port, Gujarat, opening in 2016, effectively widening their reach into western and northern markets.

In 2018, a refinery near Kandla Port, boasting initial and augmented capacities of 575 TPD and 875 TPD, respectively, solidified the group’s stature as a prominent industry player. Today, it has transcended domestic borders, with an international office set up in Singapore.


BN Group is committed to safeguarding the environment by implementing sustainable practices and actively reducing its environmental impact. Its dedication to these values is not merely an obligation but a fundamental aspect of its identity, ensuring a brighter and more eco-friendly world for everyone. Reflecting the nation’s shared aspiration for “Atmanirbhar Bharat,” it is dedicated to building a healthier nation.