MatriDerm® is an acellular dermal matrix which is a unique combination of native collagen and elastin. Its porous three-dimensional structure encompasses Type I, III, and V collagen fibers and elastin with a structure very similar to the human dermis. The elastin – a protein that provides flexibility and structural integrity to body tissues used in MatriDerm® – is sourced from bovine nuchal ligament by hydrolysis. MatriDerm® serves as a scaffold for tissue regeneration and reduces the formation of scar tissue. It has excellent hemostatic properties and, thus, reduces the risk of sub graft hematoma supporting orderly healing in complex, hard-to-heal wounds with good functional and aesthetic outcomes. The absence of chemical crosslinking during collagen production ensures exceptional biocompatibility and minimises the risk of adverse effects following application.

This versatile biomaterial serves as a dermal substitute, effectively preventing premature tissue adherence, especially in tendon cases, and can be applied to open and closed mucosal wounds.


MatriDerm® enhances cell invasion, elongation, proliferation, and limits myofibroblast formation and contraction, thanks to the company’s Advanced CryoSafe® Method that preserves the native structure without chemical crosslinking. Mr. Sanjeev K Sawhney, Country Head and General Manager, Medskin Solutions Dr Suwelack AG, India Liaison Office, emphasises the organisation’s unwavering commitment to maintaining product quality and safety from production’s outset. Specialising in refining and preserving active biomaterials’ native properties, the company substantiates product efficacy through scientific evidence, ensuring a positive impact on user experience.


The brand’s MedCare Division formulations use native biomaterials in their most active form. Their proprietary methods allow them to ensure efficient material utilisation and optimal ingredient delivery to the skin using diverse ways to increase infiltration. The quality of the ingredients is crucial and begins from choosing the suitable raw materials for the best quality. During manufacturing, the company adheres to the highest hygiene standards. Its quality department controls each produced lot, and each product undergoes safety testing by an independent institute. MatriDerm® has a quality system, certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and MDSAP.

In the words of Diana Ferro, the Chief Executive Officer of the organisation, “The company has a clear vision to be a partner of choice in advancing regeneration with science one can feel, by adding years to life and life to years.”


In the past five years, MatriDerm® has launched two new dermal matrices globally, expanded its international presence, increased R&D expenditure, and successfully treated more than 300,000 patients worldwide.

In 2021, MatriDerm® was commercialised in India, and is exclusively distributed by its national distributors GRH. A strong team focused on customer interface, evidence-based query resolution has helped the company gain momentum in the market and earn customer confidence.