Chemist Laboratories

Chemist Laboratories

Chemist Laboratories has been manufacturing injectables since 1970. Currently, it manufactures a broad array of injectable products such as steroids, hormones, antibiotic injectables, and anesthetic intra-articular injectables, thus continuing its record of proven stability for 50 years.

The patient-focused pharmaceutical company has always evolved, keeping in mind the ever-changing business landscape and patients’ requirements. Over the years, the company has significantly epanded its portfolio to retain its rank as the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. Currently, Chemist Laboratories consists of several sister companies, such as Chemist Laboratories Ltd. (manufactures medicines for human beings), Chemist Laboratories Ltd. (the veterinary arm), Chemist Herbal Care & Nutraceuticals Ltd., Chemist Agrobiotech Ltd. (Plant tissue culture of potato and orchid), Chemist Laboratories Ltd. (food division), and Chemist Crop Care Ltd. (Pesticides, Fungicides, micronutrients division).


Chemist Laboratories has a Quality Control Department equipped with stateof-the-art bioassay laboratories and sophisticated instruments, such as HPLC, IR, etc. The company regularly evaluates the various operations of the department to ensure safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Each person in Chemist Laboratories is responsible for ensuring the quality of products, along with the safety of patients and consumers.

Chemist Laboratories is committed to delivering effective products to patients as well as consumers. It carries out the manufacturing and sales process of its pharmaceutical products under the approved license of the Directorate of Drug Administration, Bangladesh. The R&D-driven pharmaceutical company manufactures a broad range of medicines in several therapeutic segments in different dosage forms, such as powder for suspension, tablets, capsules, oral liquid, small volume parenteral liquid, cream, ointment, drops, premi, poders, and much more. To manufacture highquality human and veterinary medicines, Chemist Laboratories has equipped its factory with technologically advanced equipment imported from Japan, USA, UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany, India, Taiwan, and China. With its qualityfocused culture, the company continues to fortify its promise of “ensuring healthy living every day”.

In 2005, Chemist Laboratories obtained ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems. It has been upgraded to ISO 900:2008 in 2011 for its product development, manufacturing, quality assurance, marketing, sales & distribution of human & veterinary pharmaceutical products by Orion Registrar, Inc, USA.


Chemist Laboratories also has a training center through which it regularly provides GMP training to its employees for inculcating innovation and advancements. Also, it adheres to WHO-cGMP and has achieved certification in . he firm is selfsufficient to operate manufacturing and analysis without any outside technical assistance.