Eris Lifesciences

Eris Lifesciences

Having entered the primary market with the biggest IPO in the pharmaceuticals industry, at over Rs 17 billion, Eris Lifesciences ranks amongst the top 25 pharma companies by market capitalisation.


Since its inception in 2007 and until 2018, Eris Lifesciences has registered remarkable growth and is today the youngest enterprise to make it to the list of Top 30 organisations in the Indian branded formulations market. With 10 marketing divisions and a team of over 3,200 skilled employees, the company focuses on multiple super speciality areas and has immense credibility among A-League doctors.

The company’s sales growth has been significantly higher than that of the pharmaceuticals market and it has greater market representation than its counterparts in both metros and class 1 towns. Eris has made such rapid progress that it has emerged as one of the leading players in prescription ranking and is the preferred choice of diabetologists, endocrinologists, cardiologists and consulting physicians in key specialities including cardiology, diabetology, ENT, gastroenterology and paediatrics. The company’s top 15 brands hold an edge in the market, in their particular therapeutic fields.


Eris’s success lies in its approach to differentiating in-patient engagement. The company has undertaken various patient care initiatives to improve health outcomes in disease areas such as hypertension and diabetes. Besides, ‘Tendia Diabetes Companion’ to assist doctors and patients in every aspect of diabetes management; ‘CGM on Call’ using continuous glucose monitoring to enable diabetic patients to receive customised medication and diet plan, ‘Insight’ to facilitate screening; diagnosis and interpretation of diabetic retinopathy; ‘Indiaone’ to facilitate clinicians for home blood pressure monitoring; and ‘Kidney Protection Group’ for clinicians to prevent and manage renal disorders are some of the initiatives under patient healthcare management.

The ‘ABPM on Call’ initiative, which was launched to create awareness among clinicians regarding 24-hour blood pressure measurement on top of spot measurements, has benefited over 33,400 patients and 4,500 doctors.


In 2016, the company signed an agreement with India Medtronic Pvt. Ltd for the distribution, marketing and promotion of the ‘i-Port Advance’ injection port that helps a diabetic patient to live a normal life with almost 93% fewer pricks, and is a cause of great physical and mental relief for them. The company plans to generate the first biggest epidemiological data in the country on the prevalence of hypertension.

Eris Lifesciences has won several awards, thanks to its emphasis on treatment by super specialists and specialist doctors.