China debuts world’s fastest train

China debuts world’s fastest train

China made its debut for the world’s fastest train in Qingdao. The Maglev bullet has been developed by state-owned China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation which can reach speeds of 600 kilometers per hour (373 miles per hour).

Maglev is an abbreviation of “Magnetic Levitation” and the train appears to be “floating”. The extreme electromagnetic force makes it look like it is gliding above the tracks. The prototype of the Maglev bullet train was revealed to the media in the year 2019 where China announced to create three hour transportation circles between major metropolitan areas.

The world’s most populous country believes that high-speed rail is a major priority for them which could connect more of its large cities by train to reduce the time and expenses. The average speed of trains in China runs at about 350 kph while airplanes fly at 800-900 kph. They needed this bullet to fill that critical middle space.

The drawback of maglev right now is the lack of completed track networks for bullets. Currently, they have only one working commercial line for use. It connects Shanghai’s Pudong Airport with the Longyang Road station. The 19 miles (30 km) journey takes around seven and a half minutes with the train’s top speed of 430 mph. Several other networks are under construction and will be ready soon.