Dr. Jayakarthik

Dr. Jayakarthik

The young and dynamic leader not only provides leadership and oversight to the school but also aims at transforming the educational institution into a nurturing community where each student can grow and thrive to the fullest.


Dr. Jayakarthik is well versed in medicine. He completed his MBBS degree in the year 2017 and is currently pursuing a Postgraduate Degree in psychiatry to heighten his personal and professional efficiency. A perpetual learner, he thoroughly enjoys broadening his academic knowledge by taking up courses that excite him.


His leadership instinct with added excellence in academics and sports helped him attain the esteemed President post in his college, following which he took the initiative of guiding his college in winning several trophies in medical colleges in and around the state.

His leadership instinct helped him win the Presidential Elections in his college, post which he took the initiative of guiding his college in winning several trophies in medical colleges in and around the state. He was also actively involved in hosting intra-college and inter-college sports events successfully within the allocated budgets.


Dr. Jayakarthik finally achieved his childhood dream when he became the CEO of Sri Krish International School in 2017. As the CEO, he is responsible for authorizing all day to day activities for the smooth functioning of the institution. He works directly with department heads, staff members, and other officials for delegating responsibilities, resolving internal and external issues, and ensuring that all aspects of the institution are running efficiently. He is a people-centric leader who values and respects his team members, including the teachers and other staff members of the institution. He puts the needs of his team first and takes all possible measures to provide them with a productive and comfortable work environment.


Dr. Jayakarthik is an outstanding communicator who knows how to convey his ideas clearly and effectively. As a qualified communicator, he excels in oral as well as written communication skills. His eloquence, combined with his leadership skills, never fails to capture the attention of his audience at public speaking forums.


The young leader also demonstrates strong problem-solving and decisionmaking skills that help him think on his feet whenever the need arises. Dr. Jayakarthik is capable of identifying as well as resolving complex administrative problems. He leverages his critical thinking skills for overcoming the problems and ensuring that the institution’s workflow runs smoothly.


Dr. Jayakarthik believes in leveraging his leadership qualities for translating his vision into reality. Sri Krish International School, under his visionary leadership, has achieved the Times of India’s No.1 school in Chennai for two consecutive years. These feats would not have been possible without his constant guidance.