Core Logistics

Core Logistics

Innovating Its Way to the Top

Continuously striving to live up to the highest industry standards, and trusted for a wide spectrum of cost-efficient services and a simple end to integrated logistics and supply-chain management, Core Logistic Pvt. Ltd. is renowned for its third-party logistics and warehousing services

With ‘Time is money’ being at the heart of Core Logistics’ values, it aims at providing customized, reliable and leading-edge solutions for the complete outsourcing of inventory and logistics handling services, comprising chiefly of warehousing, inventory management,
forward logistics, reverse logistics, and reverse management including FTL(full truckload), LCL(less than container load), bonded trucking as well as Track and Trace facility.


Its state-of-the-art warehousing infrastructure and over 400 skilled and ambitious employees are the organization’s valuable assets. The company is immensely popular for
its services, which are scaled and customized exclusively to meet the clients’ needs ,continually employing the most cutting-edge technology. Continuously striving to provide cost effective, viable and single point control-centric solutions, the company has developed its own multi-client, multi-warehouse inventory management system – Optimiser – that allows for a comprehensive system and user-defined enquiry and reporting capabilities.

Robust Resources

A leading brand in the Warehousing and Logistics Services, Core Logistic ensures error-free execution of every task and delivers more than what it commits. The company offers customised, modernized warehousing services, facilitated through its massive 8.60 lakh sq. feet of warehousing space, spread across the country in over 30 locations and 42 branches, with a stellar fleetofnearly200GPS-enabledvehicles, available 24×7. No wonder it celebrates an impressive clientele including telephone giants Vodafone Limited, Samsung India Electronics, Panasonic India, and Indus Towers.

The company makes use of extremely high quality equipment for its multimodal logistical services with particular emphasis on quality controls. The company understands that ‘Change is the only constant”. Keeping up with that, the team is continuously researching to bring in futuristic technology, products and solutions in order to provide a seamless end to end delivery with minimal wastage of resources.

With its prime focus on Telecommunication Industry, the company caters to the requirements for the outsourcing of complete Inventory and Logistics Handling Services, comprising Warehousing – Asset Management, Inventory Management – ERP Solution, Forward Logistics – Primary & Secondary Transportation to final destinations, Reverse Logistics – Stock Returns and Cam Movement – Site To Site Movement.

Primarily being a value-driven company, customer satisfaction remains the most important to it. As a full-service distribution facility, the firm lays due emphasis on safety and adopts safe and environment-friendly work practices and procedures, delivering its promise of providing high quality, fast, accurate and cost-effective services to all its clients.