APL Global School

APL Global School

Uniquely Nurturing Young Minds

Being rewarded with the ‘Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards’ for different subject categories in different years, APL Global School Chennai has acquired an unmatchable status in the education sector. What makes it the best institution is its focus on applied studies & personalized curriculum which develop the cognitive ability of the young minds & brace them for the future

APL Global School, Chennai is run by owner/director Gita J a g a n n a t h a n , a voracious reader and connoisseur of fine art, music, and humorous tales. She has a penchant for exploration and aims to constantly evolve; attributes that combine with a thirst for the whys and hows of a person’s evolution. Academy for Personalized Learning is based on the principles of Person-centered approach to Education, Inclusion and Sustainable Living.

The school nurtures and supports every individual to be a happy and healthy person who confidently explores the limits of their own potential. APL Global School believes that schools should provide a safe and open space, in which children build an understanding of self, their community and the larger world while exploring their role in society. The ethos of facilitated inquiry in all areas, aims at developing responsible citizens and self-aware individuals who have the courage to create and lead the future.

The school culture of Inclusion personalizes learning, assessment, talent development etc., through differentiated pedagogies. APL provides a wide range of curricular courses under two examination boards, National Indian Open Schooling and the Cambridge Assessment International Examinations. These offer variety and flexibility in subject choices, pace of learning and staged assessments with suitable accommodations for individual needs. The teacher:student ratio of 1:20 allows for student-led, active learning pedagogies to be followed across school levels. These practices support students to learn at their own level of challenge and many have responded by moving on to learning some subjects at higher than their own grade level particularly in Math, Music, Art and Computers. Gifted students are thus learning at their personal level even as they get opportunities to socialize with peers of a similar age.

Fostering Mutual Development

A child’s growth at APL is addressed through all three domains of development; the sensory-motor, cognitive, and socio-emotional. The school believes that emotional equilibrium is the basic requirement for learning to happen. Explore sessions are group sessions aimed at socio-emotional development and exploration; Drama, Dance, Sports, Yoga and Occupational Therapy sessions address physical development needs and enquiry driven, experiential learning drives the cognitive development. Opportunities to enhance exploration and development in all these areas come through a variety of inter-school engagements locally and globally. All of this is possible because of the school’s own Teacher Mentor Center with a dedicated team of experienced Teacher Educators. Staff at APL believe that teachers have to be eternal learners and take their professional development very seriously.

At APL teaching is a spiritual exercise that values personal freedom in the context of social responsibility and self- awareness. The whole school community is geared to support each individual to be their best version. The school culture works constantly towards health and happiness.