COVID-19 Booster Shots will be Administered in Malaysia
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COVID-19 Booster Shots will be Administered in Malaysia

Malaysia will administer COVID-19 Booster shots to the vulnerable and high-risk groups in the country. They will receive the shots once the population crosses the mark of 80% of the adult population that is fully vaccinated. At present 78.2% of the adult population have been fully vaccinated.

On Sunday, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Ismail Yaakob said that the booster shots will be prioritized for front-liners, immunocompromised and elder people with comorbidities. He added that it will start as soon as the vaccination coverage for adults reaches 80%. The third dose can increase the immunity level in the individual who is at high risk for the infection as the level of immunity dips after a certain period.

An added announcement came from Datuk Seri Ismail that the government will provide a COVID-19 care package for the so-called B40 group or to those who are at the lowest income bracket in the country.

The nation aims to completely reopen its economy and transit it to an endemic phase. The government targets to do so by the end of next month after all the adults are fully vaccinated. According to Mr. Ismail, the Health Ministry will be providing further details on the booster shots in the due course.