Dakle IndustrialPlastics

Dakle IndustrialPlastics

Dakle Industrial Plastics was launched by Mr. Maganlal S Dakle in 1984. The Founder is a technocrat and a Chemical Engineer. After gaining his degree in Chemical Engineering from the US, he started his career abroad in filament-wound FRP technology. After spending three years in the industry, he returned to India to put all his learnings into creating his own business in the homeland.

Today, the company is spearheaded by the next generation — Anand Maganlal Dakle and Priya Annand Dakle. They experiment, innovate, and introduce new products to ensure that the company name stays on the top.


Today, Dakle Industrial Plastics is proud to have an impressive clientele that includes prestigious names such as BARC, Hindustan Unilever, Bayer Crop Science, and Huber. The services and customer connection of the company are so good that they have retained their clients since 1984.

This list has kept on increasing in India and overseas, in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh and Egypt. The company has also been associated with government organisations such as Nuclear Power Corporation and Kundankulam Nuclear Power Plant.


While it started as a small company, Dakle Industrial Plastics has expanded in India and abroad. The main reason behind this is its commitment to manufacturing high-quality products, fastest delivery, and good after-sales service.

The company’s portfolio contains a comprehensive range of FRP Nutsche filters, fiberglass scrubbers, GRP static mixers, FRP fume hoods, fiberglass fume hoods, FRP towers, FRP pressure vessels, and so on. All these products are manufactured at the company’s state-of-the-art workshops spread across 1 lakh sq. ft. under the supervision of a highly experienced and trained workforce.

Moreover, the company invests much in research and innovation to add production value and excellence. As a result of their constant efforts, Dakle Industrial Plastics is known for using high-quality raw materials and processes that offer the best products.


For Dakle Industrial Plastics, business is more than just taking care of customers’ needs. The company also takes extra steps to ensure a safe and supporting workspace for its employees. Mrs. Priya Annand Dakle spearheads this responsibility by conducting mental and physical health workshops for the employees. She also organises safety programmes to provide training during a fire or any other calamity. The company also cared for its employees’ needs during the recent COVID-19 crisis. It introduced new tools that maintain social distance among the workers.

The firm adheres to eco-friendly practices and ensures that it does not end up harming the environment. It sends the solid waste to Pollution Control Board certified reliable waste processors. It has also planted trees around all of its manufacturing units to increase the green cover and improve air quality. In addition, Dakle Industrial Plastics takes its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities quite seriously. The firm established its first English medium school — Smt. Madibai Sardarmal Dakle School — in the Sanjan village of Umbergaon block, Valsad, Gujarat. It also has a free Gujarati medium school in the same town where it offers free education to students.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Priya Annand Dakle, this CSR arm waived the students’ fees during the pandemic while paying 100% of salaries to the teaching and non-teaching staff each month.