Dr. M. Malla Reddy

Dr. M. Malla Reddy

A leader with a rich academic background, including a doctorate in CSR, Dr. Reddy honed his skills by handling multiple responsibilities at various FMCG organizations. He has worked closely with companies listed in the NSE and BSE as well as the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. Dr. Reddy’s expertise in the health and wellness sector has helped him in bringing out revolutionary products.


While copper vessels have been available in the market, many reasons including quality issues and improper knowledge regarding their use discouraged people from using them. Ayurveda states that drinking water from copper containers has many health benefits and helps to reduce the occurrence of many ailments and even cure complications. In olden days, copper was used to sterilize water and its compounds were used to heal headaches and wounds. Common people have been oblivious to these benefits due to the unavailability of user-friendly products in the market. Dr. Reddy studied the apprehensions of people in detail and came forward with a solution in the form of copper bottles, which have great usability and are of high quality.


Under Mr. Reddy’s guidance, Dr. Copper has become the manufacturer of the world’s first seamless copper bottles.

These bottles have a completely leakproof cover and have become a hit in the market. With an increasing number of people inclined towards leading a healthier lifestyle, free of diseases, Dr. Copper’s products have become one of the fastest-selling products today. With these copper water bottles, people have found the perfect product – one that is aesthetically pleasing and provides many health benefits like aiding the digestive system, reducing inflammation and inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria


The company manufactures its products at its state-of-the-art facility at Hyderabad, India. It uses the 2000T forge Extrusion Technology from Europe to manufacture the bottles. Meanwhile, the company’s dedicated R&D team continues to work on innovative processes and quality improvement measures.

Dr. Reddy places a lot of emphasis on consumer requirements and has kept their interests in mind while drafting policies for the company. His priority has been to make the product available to the maximum number of people through online portals and online stores.

Throughout the journey, his focus has always been to make affordable products like the seamless copper bottles of world-class quality. These bottles are not only good for the body but are also environment-friendly.


Dr. Reddy has enjoyed a glorious journey that has been enriched by the numerous awards and accolades his products have received. He has received the esteemed ‘Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2018’ Award from Big FM.

He is also a recipient of various other awards for his outstanding efforts in the healthcare sector. The ‘Best Seller Award by Amazon’ and ‘Golden Category Seller Award by Flipkart’ are some of the recognitions that his brilliant products have received