Dr. Vijay Kalantri

Dr. Vijay Kalantri

The success saga of Dr. Vijay Kalantri is nothing short of inspiring. Despite being a first-generation entrepreneur, his boundless energy and entrepreneurial drive have enabled him to diversify his business portfolio from power projects and textiles to port development and logistics. His innovative business acumen has allowed him to revitalise the financial position of WTC Mumbai, and optimise the use of its resources and channel them towards trade promotion and corporate social responsibility.


Under Dr. Kalantri’s guidance, WTC Mumbai, established in 1970, has emerged as a pivotal trade support centre, offering a range of multifaceted trade facilities and services to businesses. His strategic vision and tireless efforts have led to the establishment of WTCs in various regions of the country, including Goa, Jaipur, and Bhubaneswar. Furthermore, through his thoughtful insights and expert guidance, many other WTCs in India have flourished, with 37 centres now spanning the length and breadth of the nation. With his adeptness in various domains such as business management, public speaking, networking, trade promotion, team building, and strategic thinking, he has demonstrated remarkable leadership as the helmsman of WTC Mumbai, steering the organisation towards the attainment of its mission and vision. From his formative years, he has ardently championed the advancement of trade and industry, evident from his affiliations with numerous industry associations and bilateral chambers of commerce, and his successful businesses.

Dr. Kalantri’s exceptional leadership has not only helped promote trade and commerce in the country, but also helped India establish its position as a major player in the global business arena. His invaluable aptitude in networking and economic diplomacy has been instrumental in transforming WTC Mumbai into a preeminent enabler of India’s international trade, with robust connections to diplomatic missions, chambers of commerce, multilateral organisations, and other like-minded global entities. With his strategic acuity, he has adeptly steered discussions and shaped decisions on the board of WTC Association (WTCA), New York, and expanded the WTC brand across new frontiers. He has repeatedly been elected as Director on the board of WTCA, New York, a testament to his hard work and visionary leadership. Dr. Kalantri’s visionary initiatives have facilitated India’s trade relationship with Poland, Uzbekistan, Latin America, CIS countries, and the European Union.

Dr. Kalantri also places a strong emphasis on fostering innovation, cultivating creativity, and promoting skill development by organising various events, workshops, and personalised guidance for industries. This approach is aimed at empowering businesses to adapt to the rapidly-evolving trends and technological advancements while ensuring sustainability.


Dr. Kalantri also serves as the President of the All India Association of Industries, the promoter of Dighi Port Ltd., which is Maharashtra’s pioneering private sector port, and port-based Special Economic Zone. He is associated with the Indian Council of Foreign Trade and the Indo Polish Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and is a member of many Reserve Bank of India committees. His contributions to international business bodies such as the International Labor Organization and UNIDO-India Industries Council deserve a special mention.


Under Dr. Kalantri’s leadership, WTC Mumbai has made significant strides towards adopting sustainable practices and reducing its carbon footprint. His strong commitment to sustainable development has led to the establishment of the M Visvesvaraya Center of Excellence for Business Acceleration and Skill Development, which supports MSMEs, women entrepreneurs, and start-ups to enhance their global competitiveness and provide skilling programs for the economically weaker sections of society.

Under his sterling leadership, WTC Mumbai conducts regular research on emerging trade opportunities and geopolitical developments. It maintains a close bond with its members to understand their challenges and aspirations. It also maintains dynamic government relations to facilitate ease of doing business and coordinate with state governments to provide localised solutions to the industry.


Dr. Kalantri’s tireless commitment to excellence has earned WTC Mumbai the coveted “Premier Accreditation” by the WTCA, New York, for its outstanding business services and facilities in 2022. Throughout his illustrious career, he has been a leading advocate for social welfare and has earned recognition from both private institutions and government bodies for his outstanding contributions. In 2014, the Russian Federation conferred upon him the prestigious ‘Pushkin Award.’ In 2005, the Government of Poland bestowed upon him the highest civilian honour, the ‘Commander Cross of the Order of Merit,’ for his exceptional service.