Raghava Rao

Raghava Rao


Raghava is an accomplished professional, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, followed by a Master’s in Business Administration. He has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills throughout his career, holding various prominent positions within diverse business organisations. After spending over 15 years in the corporate world, he transitioned into an entrepreneurial role in 2015.

The visionary leader was born in a farming family in Andhra Pradesh. From his early childhood, he observed his father’s tireless efforts in the fields, instilling in him the core values of hard work, frugality, and discipline. The experiences cultivated his appreciation for rural life and the unspoiled beauty of nature, shaping his perspectives as he matured. The profound connection he developed with nature during his formative years inspired him to embark on an entrepreneurial path focused on promoting sustainable living and preserving the environment.


Under Raghava’s exceptional leadership, NSR Ventures has attained unprecedented levels of success. It is an emerging company that has undertaken transformative initiatives such as Green Woods – a groundbreaking project that exemplifies a model for fostering green and sustainable living. The organisation embodies the principles of Nature, Self-Sustainability, and 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle), aiming to create a harmonious living environment that seamlessly integrates modern comforts with greenery, serenity, and a pollution-free atmosphere. Through his guidance, the organisation has not only achieved remarkable milestones, but also emerged as a frontrunner in promoting environmentally-conscious practices.

Raghava’s entrepreneurial journey has been characterised by his unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity, perseverance, and a clear sense of purpose. Fueled by his passion to pursue his dreams and make a positive impact on people’s lives, he achieved notable success in the initial stages of his career. This experience has instilled in him a heightened sense of confidence, propelling him towards his vision of establishing additional self-sustaining communities.


With the inception of NSR, Raghava envisioned the creation of a self-sustained community, where residents would have reliable access to locally sourced resources such as water and power. Demonstrating his ongoing commitment, he actively participates in national forums and associations, leveraging his influence to drive the positive change he aspires to bring about in society.


Raghava has recently been adorned with a cascade of prestigious awards. The ET Inspiring Leaders 2022 bestowed upon him the coveted accolade for Business Excellence in the realm of Real Estate, specifically recognising his remarkable contribution to eco-friendly and sustainable development. The Global Choice Awards 2022 honoured him for his outstanding accomplishments in the creation of eco-friendly homes. The APAC Business Awards 2022 has honoured NSR Ventures, recognising it as the Most Sustainable Community Development Company.

Raghava was also awarded with the distinguished Business Leadership Award at the prestigious 63rd National Summit & Awards for the Role of CSR in Nation Building. This recognition reflects his remarkable professional achievements and commitment to nation-building, a significant endeavour supported directly by the Government of India.