Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance Company

Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance Company

One of the most famous insurance platforms in the UAE, DNI offers varied plans covering a vast portfolio of risk assets and a secure reinsurance program. With its range of products and services, DNI is emerging to be a pioneer insurance leader in the UAE. It is a one-stop destination for all insurance-related needs.


By keeping maximum sustainable growth as its prime objective, DNI has proven its loyalty and commitment to the betterment of all its stakeholders, community, and the nation. It does not compromise with its core principles, and therefore, has earned a great reputation in customer service and honesty. Its diverse products and services are backed with a top-notch reinsurance service that provides comprehensive financial security to its customers. The multi-line insurance company offers both commercial and consumer products to its customers. These are customizable and scalable to suit the customers’ needs. Personalized service for every customer gives the company a competitive edge over other brands. Moreover, DNI highly values the people who are associated with it — customers, employees, business partners, and stakeholders.


The company surely deserves some appreciation for its great efforts in gaining customer loyalty without compromising on sustainable growth and maintaining great long-term relations with the customers. It firmly believes in its core values based on what they commonly term as “SERVICE” (Security, Excellence, Customer Service, Understanding, Reliability, and Efficiency). Its dedication towards its core values and beliefs is what makes them stand out and makes it one of the most successful firms in the UAE.


Recently, DNI has launched a series of innovative solutions in collaboration with its business partners to revolutionize UAE insurance industry and make it more advanced and user-friendly. Some of these changes include the introduction of mobile applications for health insurance facilities such as digital access to policy benefits, submitting or tracking medical claims, health telecommunications, and online claims submissions. Its recent partnership with Magnati, a fully-owned subsidiary of the First Abu Dhabi bank opened up its prospects of giving its customers an outstanding digital payments platform and making its services more efficient. The partnership not only supports both in-store and online payment transactions but also provides a secure payment gateway to its customers. It offers various digital payment platforms such as Pay It, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay, to the customers. It has made technical advancements in the digital payments field by introducing technologies like RPA, AI, and BlockChain that makes its services more user-friendly. Due to its efficiency in rendering its services, providing cutting-edge insurance and reinsurance solutions, and dispute resolutions, DNI received recognition
from the UAE’s Insurance Authority. By prioritizing superior customer experience as its greatest mission and ensuring the best insurance solutions to various financial risks, the firm has emerged as the leading brand in the insurance industry in the UAE.