Dyna Biotech

Dyna Biotech

Constant technological advancement is the pillar that makes the biotech and biopharma industry stand. If the advancement stagnates, these industries will lose their essence for the betterment of humanity. Dyna Biotech is constantly innovating new, cost-effective biotech solutions to keep the essence alive. This constant innovation for over nine years has made the biotech company an industry leader. Dyna Biotech manufactures, validates, installs, and services a broad spectrum of biopharma and biotech equipments. The company started its paradigm-shifting work in India but many foreign companies soon realized the potential of its equipments and partnered with it. Today, Dyna Biotech is reshaping both biopharma and biotech industries in India and abroad.


The company was founded by Dr. Vinodkumar Patil on 1st April 2013 with a vision to make Dyna Biotech a leading Biotech equipment manufacturing company. Thanks to his vast experience in the field of equipment design, manufacturing, and validation, and passion for engineering, Dr. Patil has made his company a world-class manufacturer and supplier of equipment such as fermentors and bioreactors.

Dr. Patil completed his master’s degree in Microbiology in 1993. Though he studied Microbiology as his major subject, he had interests in engineering too. This made him capable of innovating, validating, and launching new products, a linchpin in every company where he worked. In his diversified experience of more than 27 years, Dr. Patil worked with biotech pioneers such as Shantha Biotech (Sanofi Group company), Braun Biotech (Germany), and the Serum Institute of India. While working with these firms, he held senior positions with increasing responsibilities and was responsible for steroid transformation, antibiotics production, optimization, product launch, and other similar work.

Dr. Patil was instrumental in validating and launching many products successfully. But with his body of knowledge and experience, he envisioned doing something even bigger in the realm of Biotech and Biopharma. He created Dyna Biotech in 2013 and is leading the company as the Founder and Managing Director since then.


The expertise of Dyna Biotech is recognized all over the globe. Today, the company serves clients from the United States, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, and Bangladesh. Since the company believes in providing quality services as much as doing innovations in manufacturing, it has established sales and marketing, and services offices in Thailand and Bangkok too.

Dyna Biotech is dominating the domestic and international markets equally. Dr. Patil strongly believes in the talent of Indian youth and sees this talent as an excellent opportunity to push the ‘Make in India’ movement forward.


Dyna Biotech has a factory in Pune spread over 12,000 Sq. meters. This factory is capable of manufacturing world-class and industry-first pieces of equipment that are affordable to local and foreign companies. The company’s list of clients includes well-known names like EuBiologics Co, Bharat Biotech, Aurobindo Pharma Limited, Sanofi India Limited and Virchow Biotech Private Limited. Thanks to the constant innovation of the product line, this list of clients is increasing by the day. The sheer number of industries and products that are influenced by its product range is impressive. As of now, its products are influencing the healthcare sector, veterinary sector, pharmaceuticals products, beverages, foods, vaccines, APIs, and the whole dairy landscape.