Dyna Biotech

Dyna Biotech

Dr. Patil’s knowledge, scientific expertise and passion for doing business laid the foundation of this dynamic firm, ‘Dyna Biotech’. Dyna Biotech started as a humble attempt to join the growing bio-equipment manufacturing sector with bioreactors and fermenters. Today, it is the market leader in the manufacturing, validation, installation, & servicing for a wide range of biopharma & biotechnology equipment & has an extensive, customizable product range. It has driven a paradigm shift in Biopharma & Biotechnology industries in India & abroad with innovation, customization & exceptional customer service. The firm has been able to get inquiries from overseas in a succeeding rate, & has established a new setup, & designed new products over the years for a number of different sectors. It has generated the business in countries like Turkey, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, Bangladesh etc, where they are spreading the spectrum of the fermentor, bioreactor and variety of pressure vessel equipment. To cater to international market of Biotech equipment, it has set up an international sales, marketing & service office at Bangkok & service office at Hyderabad.


Dyna Biotech is a brand that has grown to be identified as a provider of worldclass technology and premium equipment at an affordable cost. It is broadening the horizons in health care as well as veterinary sectors by establishing the best product range, which is greatly affecting the API’s, vaccines, beverages, pharmaceuticals products, food, & dairies landscapes, among others, in a progressive and positive way. At Dyna Biotech, every stage of design, production, installation, commissioning, automation, integration, & validation is monitored with a clientspecific approach. These specified userfocused needs are factored in to delivering the progressive customised systems. It occupies the niche of highly specialized bioreactor manufacturing & automated customised fermenter, & has emerged as the brand leader in this space.


The company is constantly striving to achieve a perfect balance between the functionality and affordability of its products without compromising on the high quality standards maintains. The impact of its management policies & processes along with quality execution & skilful innovation & resource management has received tremendous appreciation and success as well. The professional team for 300+ employees including 150 professionals from engineering, Biotech, Pharma and Microbiology Sectors. This committed team supports & directs various activities to help improve the quality, effectiveness, efficiency and estimation of products also observes the changing trends in the market and quickly adapts to them.


Dyna Biotech has been winning over the world with its innovation and excellence. It has achieved a number of awards in the past years. Dr. Patil was awarded PhD (Science & Biotechnology), Business Excellence Award, Company of the year Award 2020, Adarsh Udyojag Award, Certificate of Excellence from CEO magazine, Industry Young Academic Entrepreneur Award, etc.