Divakars Speciality Hospital

Divakars Speciality Hospital

Divakars Speciality Hospital has become a most trusted brand for women’s healthcare. By maintaining highest standards of patient care and offering integrated band of services for all age groups, It has been successfully taking care of the women of the country for over 30 years now. The hospital has also adopted “GO DIGITAL” and has become pioneer in launching Divakars hospital APP, which provides video consultations, awareness programmes for youth and women and training healthcare providers , digitally.


Founded by Dr. G. V. Divakar, a wellknown ophthalmologist, Divakars Speciality Hospital is committed to provide preventive healthcare services to women. Centered on the belief that women, who are usually primary caregivers in most Indian households, often forget to take care of themselves; Divakars prioritizes taking care of these women by alerting, guiding, supporting and empowering women in order to prevent illness & promote wellness.

Dr. G. V. Divakar personally believes in providing a service whose quality is unmatched. This is probably the reason the hospital was also the first private hospital in arnataka to obtain the ISO certification way back in 1994. The hospital has also obtained the QAI Quality accreditation India and NABH accreditation for Quality and is the first to receive MAYATA certification from the national professional obgyn organisation for excellence in quality maternal care.


The hospital is home to Dr. Hema Divakar, one of the most renowned gynecologists in the country and a name to reckon with. Dr. Hema Divakar, Medical Director, Divakars Speciality Hospital is committed to improve women’s health. Under her leadership, the hospital follows a strict patient-centric regimen right from the beginning. Dr. Hema has developed her hospital as a center of excellence for women’s healthcare. The hospital keeps up with the latest technologies & provides the patients with advanced tech support, digital consultations, campaigns, patient education videos for awareness to bridge the gap between doctors and patients. The dedicated team of doctors at Divakars adopts a compassionate & holistic approach to healthcare.


The Hospital aims to be a single-window solution for women’s healthcare. It offers a range of services for newborns, girls & women of all ages. Facilities include outpatient Obgyn consultation, paediatrics, general physician ophthalmology & dermatology consultation, physiotherapy, Yoga, dietician, laboratory and ultrasound services & pharmacy. Speciality clinics include Diabetes in pregnancy clinics, Fibroid clinic, Recurrent miscarriage clinics, Genetics & Fetal medicine, Infertility, Youth healthcare, Child behaviour therapy, & Menopause management.

It supports a woman throughout the different stages of her life & offers a 3-stage package with a range of investigations and check-ups to help a woman lead a life of wellness namely Yuva Care Package