Enso Group

Enso Group

Enso Healthcare is the primary brand of the company and an aggregator to manufacture Sputnik V vaccines to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The vaccine is set to be produced in India and promises 92.4% efficacy. The organization takes immense pride in this prestigious endeavour and believes that it is a step towards making a better world for all. Furthermore, with an aim to improve education and healthcare for the underprivileged sections of society, the group regularly contributes to NGOs and makes it a priority to serve humanity.


The group controls a vast stake in various energy fields through multiple projects in different countries. The firm, which has a strong presence in the mining industry, has partnered with First Nations Peoples in the Saskatchewan region in Canada to harness potash resources in their lands through First Nations Potash Company Limited.

In addition to this, the company has full interest in the Muskowekwan Potash Project that covers 61,400 acres of land on the First Nation Lands. The company has raised sufficient capital to see the work through in all these mines. While understanding the value of these assets, the company aims to utilize them for various business purposes. It also has plans to develop 103 acres of land in Goa for a large real estate-cum-hospitality project.

The Oil & Gas division of the group is responsible for exploring natural gas and crude oil as well as exploring and developing conventional petroleum potential around the world. It has partnered with Russian Kada Nefte Gas that holds a license for hydrocarbon exploration and production in the Eastern Siberian part of Russia. The organization’s management has also been formulating strategies along with contemplating diverse options to complete the projects in the stipulated time frame.


The development of the Rapid Metro in Gurugram, the first-of-its-type infrastructure project conceived in the country, has been one of the biggest milestones for the group. Team Enso is immensely proud of this accomplishment. Through the successful completion of such landmark projects, the company has triumphed not just in India or Asia, but on the global platform.

The organization has implemented myriad changes that demonstrate the emphasis it places on innovation-led marketing. Enso introduced its 3D logo to ensure visibility on the right channels and platforms, bringing the company into the spotlight.


The Enso Group is built on the principles of integrity, accountability, and transparency. Corporate governance at Enso is balanced with value creation for all its stakeholders. The firm’s business practices that are ethical and respectful to people and the environment speak for themselves. The foundation of a great organization does not lie solely in profits but rather in the admiration it commands from society. In the countries where it operates, Enso Group adheres to the laws, customs, and traditions to ensure the communities are stewarded responsibly. The company is committed to fundamental human rights and avoids actions that abuse or compromise these rights. It believes that the business operations of any organization should be aimed at minimizing damage to the environment.