EPIKInDiFi Software & Solutions

EPIKInDiFi Software & Solutions

Headquartered at Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India), EPIKInDiFi Software & Solutions is a digital business enabler company that specializes in banking solutions for covering all aspects of a bank’s digital transformation and journey. The company offers enterprise-ready disruptive solutions for the financial industry using the most advanced, ground-breaking technologies in Cognitive Automation, Robotics, Open API, Machine Learning, rtificial Intelligence, Block chain and Analytics. EPIKInDiFi currently has offices in Sydney, Singapore, and Melbourne. It also has a development centre in Bangalore, India.


EPIKinDiFi aims at building a transparent, responsive, and agile organization to take care of its clients’ needs. Since its inception, the TechFin company has been helping financial institutions to create differentiation in their financial offerings.

The firm specializes in single, endto end cloud-enabled automation and highquality digital lending/collection solutions to help banks enhance their efficiency, transparency and profitability while conforming to the regulations.


Client and employee expectations are constantly changing in the current competitive banking scenario. The 21stcentury client demands exceptional speed, safe and convenient platforms for e.g. mobile first solution from banks and financial institutions to develop trust in them. To cater to these expectations, and to provide each client with a personalized experience, financial institutions have been leveraging the most advanced technology. For example, EPIK’s Vanguard is trusted by a lot of banks for streamlining all employee and client interactions within a single cloud-based digital lending platform for boosting transparency, efficiency, and profitability across all lines of business. 

EPIKinDiFi runs on the principle of Delivery, Certainty, and Quality to stay ahead of the pack. This client-centered company leverages Design. Thinking principles for creating every solution. Because of its innovative programs having zero code platform and omni channel interaction, the company has succeeded in winning the trust of its clients, which in turn has helped them build long-term relationships.


EPIKinDiFi has a deep understanding of its clients’ needs. The company’s has a Client Success Management team that acts as trusted advisors to ensure the satisfaction of its clients. The team’s primary responsibility is to manage client relationships and the success of each client by helping them achieve maximum value from EPIK’s exclusive platforms.

The company offers the best practices for maximizing the value of the Bank Operating System and achieving the goals of the financial institutions. Moreover, it nurtures every client relationship by driving user adoption and providing customers with regular updates on their latest products. It also empowers its clients by providing rigorous training and 24/7 support, so that they can tap into the potential of the digital platforms.