Haresh Abichandani

Haresh Abichandani


An innovator with out-of-the-box ideas, Haresh found his calling after working in an electronics store and was inspired to start his own business.

With grit, determination, and steadfast commitment, he established Haresh Enterprise (now Millennium Semiconductors since 2004) at a very young age and subsequently expanded it from a trading company to a distributorship of multiple electronic components nationwide. An entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in technology management and marketing, he has made a mark in the electronics industry by working hard to meet industry standards and customer demands.


Success in the electronics field depends on constant innovation and so catering to six different industry requirements is no mean feat. Haresh’s commitment towards Millennium Semiconductors has helped the company in providing cuttingedge key technologies, sustainable solutions that serve its entire customer base efficiently.

The company has multiple warehouses in India, Singapore, and China that aid in better facilitation and Just-inTime deliveries. Under the leadership of Haresh, the team also ensures that customers get the best-in-class service and support He has been a constant source of motivation for his employees through hard-work, determination and passion.

To promote growth, Millennium Semiconductors delivers the most dynamic and adaptable technologies. The company has expanded to demand creation, design support in addition to core distribution. The company also provides flexibility in terms of working on and updating the mandates as per the changes in policies.


Through his passion for electronics and in-depth knowledge of the industry, Haresh provides best-in-class solutions and value in the market over the last two decades. His passion reflects in the success of his venture Millennium Semiconductors and inspires many others in the industry.

A successful entrepreneur, he is also conscious of the environment. Haresh has also set up a Corporate Social Responsibility team to identify and help with various issues in society.

Apart from conducting CSR activities like blood donation and book donation camps regularly, he also helps out at many orphanages and old-age homes in Pune. He is constantly looking out for opportunities to contribute to the wellbeing of society.