GEDU is a group of educational institutions with over 20,000 students from different parts of the world. With 10 campuses in the UK, the UAE, and Malta, it is an organistaion dedicated to providing access to high quality education and training. Its educational programs focus on professional development, community growth and sustainability. The GEDU community of learners is diverse and inclusive, and is supported by a team of over 500 staff, all experts in their field. GEDU cultivates authentic and meaningful relationships with their education partners, widening access to their portfolio of courses.

To add to it, in 2021, 93 percent of students said that they are satisfied with their education. GEDU is at the vanguard of innovation in education, developing groundbreaking educational models that define the future of education and help their students become tomorrow’s leaders.


GEDU wholeheartedly works to promote educational innovation that overcomes the obstacles of traditional education models. It brings together interested, talented, and open-minded teachers and learners from all over the world and gives them a chance to learn, grow and develop. Students graduating from GEDU institutions meet the real-world challenges with their specialized skills, expert knowledge, and new language skills, thus embarking on their journey to become inspirational leaders.


The GEDU leadership team is made up of highly experienced and qualified professionals, including Dr. Vishwajeet Rana, the Chairman of the Executive Board. He has executed many complex cross-border equity-/debt-structured investments and financial transactions all around the world working at HSBC’s New York office. Along with the senior management team of Prof. Ray Lloyd, Prof. Leo Falcone, Dr. Melissa Willby, Dr Rana enjoys evaluating different global education models and applying them to unlock the potential of students through higher education. They value entrepreneurial spirit while appreciating and rewarding high performance.


GEDU has many institutions under its umbrella. The renowned education establishments include the English Path, GBS, GBS Dubai, GBS Malta, MetaGedu Apprenticeships, Lokmani Law School, and Lokmani Postgraduate School. GBS provide access to high quality higher education courses, opening up career opportunities for students around the world. English Path deliver world-class language and communication courses at campuses in the UK, Dubai and Malta. The Lokmani Law School is India’s one of the most well-known law schools. It offers a 3-year programme that covers a wide range of legal topics and the Indian Penal Code (IPC).


GEDU’s sole purpose is to make high quality education accessible to more people and transform their lives through education. It promotes talent development through practical and thought-provoking programmes based on a cutting-edge educational approach, technology and knowledge.

GEDU is a worldwide hub of educational experts, supporting and encouraging quality, innovation and advanced technology in education. The organisation highly cherishes diversity and operates ethically and professionally. It cares about each and every individual, and always strives to learn and improve.

It prioritises equal opportunities in recruitment, promotions, and professional growth of its staff, as well as student admissions and evaluations. Throughout the GEDU group, every day lives are being changed through the power of education.