Gita Jagannathan

Gita Jagannathan

Transfiguring the Education System with élan

Ms. Gita Jagannathan has put in huge efforts and timeless exploration for the establishment and smooth functioning of the Academy of Personalized Learning or APL Global School. Founding the institute was the beginning of her journey of transforming the education system. Her unique endeavours to make a positive difference in the education sector are far better and more practically- driven as against the conventional form of pedagogy that has been globally followed for so long

“With her pedagogical, psychological, & spiritual inclinations, She has come up with an extraordinary initiative – APL Global School”

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, where knowledge is free. Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls….” These lines summarize Mrs. Gita Jagannathan’s vision for APL Global School, Chennai, which is inspired by Tagore’s vision for an awakened India. She draws from a wealth of life experiences; wide exposure from traveling and living in small towns and cities; enriching walks, talks and discourses with parents who lived through India’s freedom movement; debates and discussions with extended family who were erudite scholars with strong opinions on a plethora of social and human issues. All these have shaped her thoughts about education.

An Explorer By Nature

She has a penchant for exploration and thirst to constantly evolve; attributes that reflect her growing-up years when she had to make sense of the cumulative experiences of travelling through 8 different schools, her father having been in a transferable job. Gita is a Reiki & Seichim Grand Master, a hypnotherapist and a student of Yoga. This spiritual sensibility in combination with her skills in psychology and counseling alchemically contributed to the birth of APL school as a space to experience personalized learning for students, faculty members and all stake holders.

Personal Experiences Paved Her Path

As a student Gita enjoyed the companionship of school friends, the open playgrounds, the lush vegetation of school, the structured games, music, dance and theatre sessions at school. She thus felt that schools should provide for a range of experiences that address children’s holistic developmental needs. Academy for Personalised Learning (APL) was born out of this need to create a nurturing environment that celebrates individuality and diversity. An Inclusive School that fosters a person-centered education was the natural outcome of a need to create a happy space in which people are supported to realize their potential. Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Index, UNESCO’s Happy School Project, Index for Inclusion etc., guide the development of APL pedagogy and practices. A happy individual is naturally eager to learn.

A Constant Learner

Gita looks at school as a safe space in which students are given the resources and guidance to develop a sense of self. This self identity then extends to the community and the world they live in. Learning to be self-aware, to determine their role in society and to take responsibility, be responsive to the environment is main purpose of an education. Giving children opportunities to problem-solve, to make informed choices and to retain individuality while being a contributing member of society is the mission of school. At APL the school climate is designed to address all these through sustainable living practices.

APL Global School is a unit of Ramaniyam Real Estates, Mr. Jagannathan’s real estate enterprise. Both Mr. and Mrs. Jagannathan were always interested in making a meaningful contribution to society. APL and Ramaniyam Sankara Matriculation School were born out of that inclination. Mrs. Jagannathan, enjoys mentoring and advising Mr. Batcha the founder of Ramaniyam Sankara Matriculation School in their development while Mr. Jagannathan takes an active interest in the infrastructural development of both schools.

Their two daughters’ Giftedness led Gita to learn about the varied educational needs of children and led to the APL model of education that is responsive to individual needs.
The school system accommodates students’ needs rather than forcing the child to fit the system. The world today values innovation leading to a wide range of career choices; allowed to be themselves everyone finds their own niche. And APL strives to make that journey finding one’s niche a rich and joyful life experience.

An eternal learner, Gita continues to read voraciously and to spent time with her family, friends of all age groups, as well her pets.